Bob Nowong, A Must Visit Restaurant in Lake Sebu

Where to eat in Lake Sebu

When I asked my new-found Tboli friends where’s the best place to eat in Lake Sebu, they immediately suggested Bob Nowong.

Located in Purok Rosas and just few minutes habal-habal ride from Lake Sebu landmark, Bob Nowong is undoubtedly the most popular restaurant in Lake Sebu.  Unlike dining in various Lake Sebu resorts, this restaurant is unique as it is the only Lake Sebu dining destination in a non resort setting.

“Bob” in Tboli means “pond” and Nowong is from the word “Owong” which means a traditional Tboli boat.

Bob Nowong entrance

I was surprised to see the restaurant’s entrance. I did not actually expect that there is such restaurant in Lake Sebu. The ambiance reminds me of high-end restos in Tagaytay.

restaurant south cotabato
The high-end feel in Bob Nowong

The restaurant has 2 floors. There is a mini recreational area in the first floor where guests can play billiards and darts while enjoying beer or coffee. Since we came there a bit late, I was unable to take photos of Bob Nowong’s ground floor.

Bob Nowong staff

On the second floor, we were welcomed by the friendly and accommodating staff.

Where to eat in Lake Sebu

I was amazed by the overall look of the restaurant. Who would have thought that there is an expensive looking restaurant right in the middle of the laid back Lake Sebu?

Bob Nowong Lake Sebu restaurant

Apart from the beautifully arranged fixtures, this restaurant also has a garden area. Again, I’m guilty of not being able to take photos of the garden.

with Ms.Anne Bob Nowing owner
From left: Ms.Ann (Bob Nowong owner), Larry, Maricel

My new found Tboli friends Larry and Maricel know the owner of Bob Nowong. Maricel requested if we can dine in the more private and romantic garden area. The very welcoming and kind Ms.Anne did not hesitate and she immediately had our table set-up in the garden.

Bob Nowong food
Our dinner (Just ignore the “More” cigarette pack, there are no Marlboros in Lake Sebu sari-sari stores lol)

We ordered Chicharon Tilapia (240 Php), Crispy Pata (390 Php), Sizzling Squid(190 Php), Yangchao rice platter (120 Php), Passion fruit calamsi juice (40 Php each) and Bob Nowong’s signature desert (50 Php).

When the waitress started serving our orders, I was totally surprised by the generous amount of serving! One dish is actually good for 4 persons.

I should say that Bob Nowong’s foods are delicious! It was actually my first time to eat chicharon Tilapia and fell in love with it! Bob Nowong’s high-end ambiance matches the quality of the food it offers.

Bob Nowong Menu

Bob Nowong Menu 3

Bob Nowong Menu 2

Bob Nowong Menu 1

Overall, Bob Nowong is truly a must visit restaurant in Lake Sebu. At night, it has this cozy and romantic feel that no other Lake Sebu resort-restos can offer. With their generous servings,  this restaurant’s delicious and quality foods are reasonably priced. And not to mention, customer service is superb too!