Lake Sebu Resorts and Accommodations

Tboli accommodation at Mountail log lake sebu

If you are planning to visit the municipality of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, there are actually 11 Lake Sebu resorts and accommodations you can choose from.

11 Lake Sebu resorts and accommodations:

1. Punta Isla Lake Resort

This is probably the most popular resort in Lake Sebu. According to T’boli locals, this resort offers the best view of the lake and is the most beautiful among all the resorts in Lake Sebu.

Best resort in Lake Sebu
Entrance of Punta Isla Lake Resort
Punta Isla in Lake Sebu
Punta Isla

Unfortunately, Punta Isla was fully booked when I visited Lake Sebu (Too bad I did not reserve ahead of time). I asked the reception if I can walk around the resort instead. With a minimal fee of 30Php, I was able to have a quick day tour inside Punta Isla.

The room rate for a matrimonial room is 1,500 Php.

Reasons to stay here: Beautiful view of the lake, cultural presentations for the guests

Punta Isla Resort Online booking here.

2. Mountain Lake Eco Resort

Among the four resorts I’ve visited , this is the farthest and most secluded resort in Lake Sebu.  It is also the biggest Lake Sebu resort in terms of land area.

mountain lake eco resort lake sebu south cotabato

Tboli accommodation at Mountail log lake sebu
T’boli house accommodation in Mountain Lake Eco Resort
View from mountain log resort lake sebu
View of the lake from a Tboli accommodation in Mountain Lake Eco Resort

Reasons to stay here:  Experience staying in a T’boli house accommodation. The resort is spacious.

Mountain Lake Eco Resort rooms and rates:

Family Villa (3 pax) – 1,200 Php – comes with hot and cold shower

Twin bed villa (2 pax) – 1,000 Php – comes with hot and cold shower

King size bed villa (2 pax) – 800 Php – comes with hot and cold shower

family room (6 pax) – 1,500 Php

Twin bed room (2 pax) – 900 Php

King size bed room (2 pax) – 700 Php

Gono Tboli room (7 pax) – 1,600 Php

Mountain Lake Eco Resort contact numbers
+63 9173113071, +63 9189622209

3. Mountain Log Resort

Since Punta Isla was fully booked, I just asked the habal-habal driver to take me to the nearest resort. Few meters away from Punta Isla is the Mountain Log Resort.

According to the locals, if you want to simply relax and enjoy nature, Mountain Log Resort is the best choice in Lake Sebu. Unlike the popular resorts  such as Punta Isla and Montain Lake Eco, Mountain Log resort is simple, quiet and do not get too crowded during peak season.

mountain log resort in lake sebu
Room accommodation in Mountain Log Resort
Lake Sebu view from Mountain Lake resort
View of Lake Sebu on one side of Mountain Log Resort

Reasons to stay here: cheap room rates, quiet surroundings

Mountain Log Resort rooms and rates:

Ordinary room (2 pax) – 750 Php

Standard room (2 pax) – 1,000 Php – comes with hot and cold shower

Room with terrace (2 pax) – 1,200 Php

2 double deck room (4 pax) – 950 Php

Mountain Log Resort contact number

+63 9266295640

4. Sunrise Garden Lake Resort

Among the resorts I’ve visited. Sunrise Lake is the only resort with a swimming pool. This Lake Sebu resort has a modern feel. Perhaps due to the all concrete rooms they have.

Lake sebu accommodation with pool
Swimming pool at Sunrise Garden Lake Resort
Lake Sebu resorts
Dine in cottages facing the lake

Reasons to stay here: You get to dine in a cottage that is very near to the lake. You get to see locals in owong boats while dining. Food is good too!

Sunrise Resort rooms and rates:

Matrimonial – 800 Php

Standard (4 pax) – 950 Php

Superior (4 pax) – 1,650 Php – airconditioned and comes with 2 complimentary breakfast, hot and cold shower

Family (6 to 8 pax) – 1,800 Php

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort Online booking here.

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort contact number

+63 9175567763

Below are the rest of Lake Sebu resorts and accommodations:

5. Lemobung Lodge/Resto

6. Monte Cielo

7. Merl Garden Spring Resort

8. Dolores Lake Resort – Online booking here

9. Tolento Lodge and Restaurant

10. El Galong Resort – Online booking here.

11. Nadines

If you are visiting Lake Sebu, do not expect posh hotels with high end facilities. This definitely sets Lake Sebu apart from any other summer destinations in the Philippines. In Lake Sebu, you get up close to nature and experience the rich culture and heritage of the Tboli tribe.