LATEST LIST of Accredited Boracay Island Resorts, Hotels & Establishments as of November 7, 2018

Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort

After 6 months of closure, Boracay is finally open for tourists and visitors. The island started welcoming tourists last October 26, 2018. However, not all beach resorts, hotels, accommodations and establishments are given accreditation to operate. An establishment must first comply with the requirements by the Department of Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and must be accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT). As of 1st week of November 2018, a total of 192 Boracay hotels, beach resorts and accommodations have been given go signal to accept reservations and bookings. Thus, can operate business as usual.

If you are planning for a vacation in Boracay, before making your reservations or booking, make sure that your chosen accommodation is included in the list of accredited beach resorts and hotels. Wondering if your favorite Boracay hotel is legal to operate? See below for the updated list of Boracay establishments with permit to operate as of November 7, 2018:

Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort
Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort

SOURCE: The below list is from the Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force and as announced Philippine Department of Tourism Facebook page.

Latest List of Accredited Boracay Island Resorts, Hotels & Establishments as of November 7, 2018

Important: You may be asked to present your hotel reservation slip before entering the island. This is to ensure your only booking with accredited Boracay beach resort or hotel and to prevent hassle upon arrival.

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Sadly, my favorite Boracay resort – Henann Prime Beach Resort is not yet included in the DOT list of accredited establishments. Hoping that Henann Group of Resorts in Boracay will soon open. I’ll be visiting Boracay this month (November 2018) and will accordingly update this blog post.

Cheap Beach Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu – Beach Placid Resort Review

Full body massage by the beach

Beach Placid Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu is the perfect beach resort for backpackers and budget travelers.  Located along the stretch of Sta. Fe beach, Beach Placid Resort share the same shore with other more expensive and pricey resorts such as Anika Island Resort and Hoyohoy Villas.  Meaning, you get to enjoy the fine white sands and pristine waters of Santa Fe Bantayan Island without emptying your pocket.

Here is a short video of Beach Placid Resort:

Beach Placid Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines
Beach Placid Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines

Open Cottages, Beach Beds and Cabanas

Being a budget-friendly Bantayan resort, staying in Beach Placid will not limit you to enjoy and relax by the beach. There are open cottages, beach beds and cabanas in this affordable Bantayan beach resort. During our stay, we made use of their cottages and cabana by the beach without any charges.

Beachfront Surprise!

Jen enjoying the beachfront view on our room's veranda.
Jen enjoying the beachfront view on our room’s veranda.

Unlike other Bantayan beach resorts where beachfront rooms are quite expensive, Beach Pacid’s are affordable. We did not expect too much on the room we booked via Agoda as the fine print says it’s a Beach View Cottage. With the price, we assumed that we are getting a non-beachfront room.  However, we were surprised that the room was on a beachfront!

We checked-in at 3 beach resorts during our 4-day visit in Bantayan Island. We stayed at non-beachfront rooms of Anika Island Resort and Hoyohoy Villas Resort. But the cheapest accommodation we had was a beachfront room at Beach Placid.

Beach Placid’s Beach View Cottage (Beachfront Room)

Since we experienced Anika Island Resort’s accommodation prior to Beach Placid.  I should say that our room at Anika Island Resort was better than what we had at Beach Placid.  Nonetheless, the room was good and are truly for backpackers and budget-travelers.

The Beach View Cottage we booked has a small veranda and a bench.  If you are a smoker, the resort allows smoking in the veranda. The room comes with an air-conditioning unit, queen size bed, a small refrigerator and a dresser.  The toilet and bath is quite spacious. Toilet has no bidet but there is a hot and cold shower.  Only bath towels and tissue roll are provided so make sure to bring toiletries when you are checking-in at the resort.

I personally love the view once you open the door of the room. It is relaxing as you directly see the breathtaking beach and enjoy the relaxing sea winds right on your door. This what makes Beach Placid stand out from Anika or Hoyohoy, you get to experience a beachfront room at an affordable price!

Beach Placid Bantayan Island Room Rates

Below are the published room rates of Beach Placid Resort:

Note: We booked our discounted Beach Placid beachfront room online. I am giving you a discounted room rate by booking HERE.

Room Type PAX Price Price (during holy week)
Quadruple Room #19 4 to 5 persons 3,000 Php 6,000 Php
Quadruple Room #20 3 to 5 persons 2,500 Php 5,000 Php
Quadruple Room #21 and #22 2 to 3 persons 1,700 Php 3,400 Php
Native Sea View Cottage 2 persons 1,800 Php 3,600 Php
Non-beachfront Aircon Cottage 4 persons 3,000 Php 6,000 Php
Non-beachfront Triplex 4 persons 3,000 Php 6,000 Php
Beachfront Duplex Rooms

4 persons 3,500 Php 7,000 Php
Beachfront Native Aircon Cottage

2 persons 2,300 Php 4,600 Php
Beachfront – Triplex Room

Jen enjoying the beachfront view on our room's veranda.

2 persons 2,300 Php 4,600 Php
Non-Beachfront Aircon Cottage 2 persons 1,700 Php 3,400 Php


Well Maintained Bantayan Island Beach Resort

Beach Placid
Beach Placid

Beach Placid Resort is well-maintained. During our entire stay, there are always someone who is around the resort. Since we visited on a season where winds push seaweeds on the shore, the staff ensures to always clean the beachfront.

Activities in Beach Placid

Beach Placid also offers island hopping tour at an affordable price. For only 900 Php, you get to enjoy Hilantagaan and Virgin Island. The boatman will pick you up right in the shore of Beach Placid. Note that rates outside the resort can go as low as 800 Php. We decided to take Beach Placid’s island hopping tour to ensure our safety.

Full body massage by the beach
Full body massage by the beach

If you get hungry, Beach Placid Resort has an open-air restaurant with affordable menu. They also have a bar and offers free karaoke (videoke) if you purchase sodas, shakes or any alcoholic beverages. If you want to relax, Beach Placid also offers in-room or by the beach massage service for only 350 Php.

Affordable Bantayan Resort with Great Customer Service

Being a budget beach resort, I did not expect anything grand about Beach Placid. I was not impressed by the reception when we checked-in at Anika but Beach Placid’s reception was different. The receptionists were very friendly and welcoming. They even allowed us to leave our bags in the reception as we were too early for the check-in.

Highly Recommended Resort in Bantayan for Budget Travellers and Backpackers

I highly recommend Beach Placid Resort if you are a backpacker or on a budget. Their rooms may not be as grand as Anika Island Resort and Hoyohoy Villas Resort, but are decent enough for the price. The entire beach resort is clean. Customer service is great. And of course, their rooms are very affordable.  Truly the best Bantayan beach resort for budget travellers!

Jen and I spotted these kids in the resort’s vicinity. We were happy to have distributed the toys we brought to the island. – Travel with a Purpose

Beach Placid Resort
Adress: F. Roska Street, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Contact Numbers:
Email Address:
[email protected]
[email protected]



Hoyohoy Villas – Boutique Beach Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines + Blog Review, Room Rates

Hoyohoy Villas Resort

Hoyohoy Villas is one among the many resorts in the beautiful Bantayan Island in Cebu, Philippines. The only boutique resort in Bantayan Island, Hoyohoy Villas showcases unique villas, beautiful landscapes and peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

Here’s a short video of Hoyohoy Villas Bantayan Island:

Hoyohoy Villas Resort
Hoyohoy Villas Resort

Strategic Location

Located in F. Roska St., Talisay, Hoyohoy Villas is very near Santa Fe port – the gateway of Bantayan Island.   Hoyohoy Villas is just 5-minute tricycle or motorcycle ride away from the port. Meaning, you will not have to endure long travel to the resort once you arrive in Bantayan Island.

This Bantayan resort is also near to Sante Fe Poblacion where the public market, souvenir shops, church and most of the bars and restaurants are located.

Perfect Bantayan Resort for Relaxation

If you are looking for a resort to relax, Hoyohoy Villas is the best resort in Bantayan Island.  With only 6 villas and 2 casitas rooms, Hoyohoy Villas is definitely less crowded compared to more popular resorts in the island.  The peaceful ambiance makes Hoyohoy Villas stand out among the rest of Bantayan beach resorts.

Stylish beach beds
Stylish beach beds
Lovely place to relax.
Lovely place to relax.

The resort’s beachfront has 2 stylish beach beads, 2 cabanas with pillows and mattresses and a wooden swing chair. There are also beach beds with leather mattresses around the resort’s vicinity.

Our favorite spot in Hoyohoy Villas!q
Our favorite spot in Hoyohoy Villas!

During our stay in Hoyohoy Villas, we felt like we rented the entire resort. There are only few guests and we rarely see them hanging out in the beachfront.

Unique Architecture and Beautiful Landscape

Hoyohoy Villa’s Iconic Swimming Pool

Being a boutique resort, Hoyohoy Villas will not disappoint you. It may be limited in real estate but it’s Instagram worthy surroundings compensates. Its villas are unique and the entire resort’s landscape is truly promising. The six villas in stilts are carefully arranged providing a good view of the stylish swimming pool right in the heart of the resort.

The Villas

Hoyohoy Villas has a total of 6 rice granary inspired villas. 5 of which have single rooms and the other villa has 2 rooms.  The villas are named after various kinds of winds:

  • Habagat (Southwest wind) – beachfront villa
  • Amihan (Cool Northeast Monsoon) – beachfront villa
  • Timog (Southwind)
  • Kanaway (Northwestern wind) – has 2 rooms
  • Syatan (Southwestern wind)
  • Kadulhoan (Southeastern wind)

Interestingly enough, villas invoke elegance of the past combined with comfort of the present. This creates a truly relaxing atmosphere during your stay in the resort. Each villa has a unique concept and are all simple and elegant. Rooms come with air-conditioning unit, cable TV, minibar, telephone for the reception. Toilet and batch comes with hot tub.

High-End Resort with Budget-Friendly Room Options

Hoyohoy Villas is one of the few high-end resorts in Bantayan Island.  There is undoubtedly a price to pay for the resort’s beautiful landscapes, unique villas, breathtaking beachfront, peaceful ambiance and great customer service. A villa is priced from 5,000 Php (approx. $100) to 6,000 Php (approx. $120). However, if you are on a budget and want to stay at Hoyohoy Villas, they offer 2 affordable and budget-friendly “Casitas Frangipani” rooms at only 3,000 Php a night.

Hoyohoy Villas Room Rates

  • Beachfront Villas (good for 2 persons)– 6,000 Php
  • Regular Villas(good for 2 persons) – 5,000 Php
  • Casitas Frangipani (good for 2 persons) – 3,000 Php

Tip: Instead of paying the publish room rate, you can enjoy huge discounts by booking your Hoyohoy villa/room HERE.

Hoyohoy Villas’ Casitas Room

The 2 Casitas rooms are located near the entrance and right before the reception of the resort.  It is technically the farthest from the beachfront but near the reception and restaurant. Being farthest to the beachfront is not an issue since you get to pass by and enjoy the beautiful landscape and architecture of the resort when you’re going to the beachfront.

Casitas Rooms
Casitas Rooms

Unlike the villas which scream elegance, Casitas rooms are simple and modern. The matching finish of doors and ceiling adds up to the modern feel. The white walls compliment to the floor of the entire room.

A Casitas room comes with an air-conditioning unit with remote, bed side glass tables, night lamps and stylish sofa. The bed and the 2 ordinary and 2 goose down pillows are very comfortable. There is also an interesting art piece above the bed headboard.

The toilet and bath was a surprise! Once you open the sliding door, the shower area with a natural light ceiling will greet you. The Zen like look and feel of the shower area is truly surprising! On the right of the shower area is the vanity area with huge mirror and basic Hoyohoy Villas toiletries. On the left is the toilet area accentuated by the wall art and a cool ladder-like towel rack.

Jen and I originally wanted a villa because of the outdoor shower. Since a villa is too expensive for us, we booked a Casistas room instead. Well, the Casitas room did not disappoint! We felt like we were staying in a hotel.

As of March 2018, there are only 2 available Casitas rooms and another 2 are under construction.

Tip: We paid 2,700+ Pesos (approx. $54) instead of 3,000 Php  (approx. $60)for the Casitas Frangipani Room. You too can enjoy a discounted villa/room by booking HERE.

Hoyohoy Villas’ Beachfront Villa (Amihan)

Beachfront Villa Habagat (rightmost villa)
Beachfront Villa Amihan (rightmost villa)

One of the two beachfront villas in Hoyohoy Villas is “Amihan”. The Villa Amihan’s ground level comes with a Spanish colonial era inspired furnitures and fixtures such as dining set, cabinet and a treasure chest and a single bed.

The second level is an elegant room with an air-conditioning unit, cable TV, mini refrigerator, bench, bed side table with a stylish lamp, human size mirror, dinette set, wooden speaker and a stylish sofa. I personally love the flat screen cable TV placed in an easel. Just like its ground level, the room’s Filipino-Spanish colonial inspired design is truly elegant.  Something that art and history lovers will love!

Just like the Casitas room, the villa’s toilet and bath is also a surprise! It comes with the basic Hoyohoy Villas toiletries, bath tub and an outdoor garden shower!

View from the beachfront villa
View from the beachfront villa

Superb Customer Service

We checked-in at 3 beach resorts during our 4-day Bantayan Island visit – Anika Island Resort, Beach Placid and Hoyohoy Villas. Among these 3 Bantayan beach resorts, I should say that Hoyohoy Villas has the best customer service!

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Welcome drinks
Leah, one of the staff, serves the welcome drinks

We were warmly and greeted upon our arrival in the resort. After the fast check-in, Leah, one of the resort’s staff, surprised us by serving welcome drinks. We also borrowed a knife, pate and forks for the mangoes we bought outside.  They did not hesitate and immediately provided our request.

All the staff are accommodating and polite. Throughout our stay, given that we booked their cheapest room, we felt special and valued just like other guests who were staying in the more expensive villas.

I even asked Leah if I can take photos and videos of one of their villas. After waiting for a couple of minutes, they granted my request! I was able to check-out their most expensive beachfront villa!

Lastly, we were a bit beyond the 12 PM check-out as we were still packing our things. They allowed us to stay a little longer without extra cost. They even proactively arranged a tricycle that will bring us to the Santa Fe port right after our check-out.

Highly Recommended Bantayan Beach Resort

I would definitely recommend Hoyohoy Villas if you are visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu.  Location is strategic.  The resort’s atmosphere is serene and peaceful. The villas are beautiful and elegant and the Casitas rooms are neat and stylish. And of course, customer service is great! I would definitely check-in here on my next Bantayan Island visit!

Hoyohoy Villas Bantayan Island

  • Address: F Roska St. Bgy. Talisay, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu
  • Contact Numbers: (032) 3240208 / (032) 4389018
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Online booking with discounted room rates HERE


Anika Island Resort in Bantayan Island Cebu + Review, Room Rates

Anika Island Resort is one among the best resorts in Bantayan Island Island, Cebu, Philippines. Located in Santa Fe, this Bantayan Island resort is very near to Sta.Fe Port Ferry – gateway of Bantayan island if you are coming from mainland Cebu.

Anika Island Resort Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines
Anika Island Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu Philippines

Highly Rated Bantayan Island Resort

Annika Island Resort is a highly rated resort in Bantayan island. The average ratings of guests who have visited Anika Island Resort are higher compared to other resorts in the island. Below are the average ratings of Anika Island Resort as of March 1, 2018:

  • Tripadvisor – 4 out of 5 (Excellent)
  • Agoda – 8.4 out of 10 (Excellent)
  • Travelbook – 4.6 out of 5 (Excellent)
Anika Island Resort
Anika Island Resort

The rating and reviews made us decide to book Anika Island Resort for our first night in Bantayan Island. For a discounted room rate, we booked our Anika Island Resort cottage via Travelbook. Like us, you too can enjoy huge discounts by booking HERE or HERE.

Hassle Free Check-In

Upon arriving in Sta.Fe port, we hailed a tricycle to bring us to Anika Island Resort. Travel time from port to the resort is roughly 5 minutes. Fare is 20 Php ($0.40) per person.

The check-in process was a breeze. I just told them that I booked thru Travelbook.  The Anika Island Resort reception asked me to fill-out a short guest information form. And that’s it! They did not bother to ask for the booking reference number.

Good Customer Service

Most online reviews indicate that Anika Island Resort has good customer service. The reception experience upon our check-in was okay but Jason, the staff who assisted us to our room, made us feel very special.  He was very polite and helpful. Jason carried our bags while heading us to our cottage. He even shared useful information about the tourists attractions and some useful tips during our stay in the island. Apart from Jason, the staff especially the guards were very helpful. The check-out was also a breeze and the staff in the reception were very friendly.

Iconic Sun-Basking Area

Anika Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines
Anika Island Resort

Among all Bantayan Island Resorts, Anika Island Resort has the most beautiful and iconic beach bed area. They have this huge Anika signage which is guests and passers-by have their pictures taken.

Unique and Neatly Arranged Cottages

Anika Island Resort’s property is small in land area. However, they utilized its limited real estate and ensured that the swimming pool, cottages and other facilities are strategically situated. Also, this Bantayan resort has unique and beautiful cottages which walls are primarily made of container vans.

Well-Kept Surroundings and Beachfront

Common areas such as the beachfront, garden and restaurant are always clean. During our entire stay at Anika Island Resort, we often see resort’s staff cleaning around the resort. Since we visited on a season where there are seaweeds in the beachfront, there is a designated staff who makes sure to clean and remove the seaweeds on the shore.

Anika Island Resort’s Garden View Room

Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan
Garden View Cottages Anika Resort Bantayan

Since an Ocean View Room is too pricey for us, we opted to book a Garden View Room via Travelbook. We booked the room at 2,544 Php (approx. $50.88) instead of 2,700 Php (approx. $54).

The room or should I say the cottage has a veranda with a dinette set. This is also the area in your cottage where smoking is allowed. The room comes with an LCD cable TV, air-conditioning unit, closet and safe deposit box. We personally loved the comfortable bed and 3 pillows. Our only rant is the Wifi which we weren’t able to use to slow internet connection.

The toilet and bath come with bath towels, soap and toothpaste.  There is hot and cold shower and the toilet has a bidet. The water pressure was good too. Overall, the room and the toilet and bath are very clean.

View from our cottage's veranda
View from our cottage’s veranda

Anika Island Resort Room Rates

Anika Island Resort easily gets fully booked even lean-season. Book your Anika room in advance HERE or HERE.

Ocean View Room

Ocean View Cottages
Ocean View Cottages

These are beachfront rooms in the resort. Nearest to the iconic beach bed area of Anika Island Resort. An Ocean View Room is good for 3 persons and costs 4,000 Php (approx. $80) a night.

Garden View Room

These rooms are situated right behind the Ocean View Rooms but still near the beach. Guests in these rooms will enjoy the garden view of the resort.  If you have kids, these rooms are also the nearest to the resort’s playground. A Garden View Room is good for 2 persons at 2,700 Php (approx. $54) a night.

Sunset Pool Side

Sunset Pool Side Rooms are the nearest to the resort’s pool. These rooms remind me of Boracay’s Hennan Prime Beach Resort direct pool access rooms. With 2 single bed, veranda and view of the resort’s pool at 2,900 Php (approx. $58) a night.

Poolside cottages
Poolside cottages

Beach Villa

Choose from a single detached villa good for 3 persons for 4,200 Php (approx. $84) or duplex villa good for 3 persons at 3,700 Php (approx. $74) a night.

Courtyard Room

Situated at the back part of the resort. These are the rooms nearest to the entrance of Anika Island Resort. These are the cheapest rooms in the resort at 2,000 Php (approx. $40) a night.

Recommended Bantayan Beach Resort

Overall, I would recommend Anika Island Beach Resort to anyone who is visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu. The entire resort and the cottages are well-maintained. Customer service is good. And of course the beach is awesome!

Anika Island Resort

Address: F. Roska St., Brgy. Okoy
Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island 6047
Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 917 328 4898 / (+63) 999 886 4465 / (+63) 922 843 9517
Telephone: (+63 32) 438-9073
Discounted online booking HERE / HERE


Affordable Resort in Camiguin Island – Marianita’s Cottages

Marianita's Cottages Camiguin Philippines

If you are planning to visit the beautiful Camiguin province, there is a number of resorts and accommodations in the island. For luxury travelers, there are high-end but expensive resorts such as Balai sa Baibai and Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas. On the other hand, for budget travelers, you may stay at GV Hotel Camiguin or The Yellow House in Camiguin. There are also mid-range resorts if you want comfort and convenience, one of which is my highly recommended resort – Marianita’s Cottages.

beachfront rooms at Marianita's Cottages
beachfront rooms at Marianita’s Cottages

Peaceful and Quiet Location

Marianita’s Cottages is situated along Camiguin Circumferential Road, Mambajao, Camiguin. It is ideally located in the center of Yumbing bay ad just across Camiguin’s white island. The resort is 7 kilometers away from Mambajao proper which makes its surroundings more peaceful and quiet.

non-beachfront rooms
non-beachfront rooms
The resort’s proximity to various Camiguin island tourist spots is also an advantage. The port going to Camiguin’s famous white island is just 2 minute multicab/tricycle away from Marianita’s cottages. Marianita’s Cottages is also close to many restaurants and food places in Mambajo. It is also 10 minutes away from Camiguin airport.

Very Clean and Well-Maintained Resort

Surprisingly, Marianita’s Cottages is very clean. The resort’s real estate may be limited but the location of rooms, reception and the beachfront area were artistically and carefully planned. Each room has its own balcony with a dinette set. Cool signages can be seen pointing to the cottages and the beach. The beach front cottages are just few steps away from the mini bar and beach beds.

The spacious rooms are very clean, simple yet stylish. I personally loved the bed and pillows. The lines and pillow cases are very clean and are of high quality. They’re very comfortable and can be at par with that of high-end resorts. The flooring is also something unique and special. The air-conditioned rooms also comes with a cable LCD TV, free WiFi, mini sofa, dresser, basic toiletries and personal refrigerator. If you want some snacks or drinks, the refrigerator is packed with snacks, bottled water, juices and beers. The stylish toilet and bath is also very clean and comes with a hot and cold shower.

Marianita’s Cottages Room Rates

Marianita’s Cottages room rates are very affordable. Below are the published room rates of this Camiguin resort:

  • Standard Room (fan) for 2 PAX- 1,200 Php (24 USD)
  • Superior Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,500 Php (30 USD)
  • Beach Front Room (Air Conditioned) for 2 PAX – 1,800 Php (36 USD)
  • Front Beach Suite (Air Conditioned) for up to 4 PAX – 2,100 Php (42 USD)

Tip: Rates are cheaper if you book online HERE. I was able to book the Superior Room (non-beachfront room) few hours before checking-in  at 1,400 Php instead of 1,500 Php. Rates are cheaper if you book ahead of your Camiguin visit.

Highly Recommended Camiguin Resort

I would highly recommend Marianita’s Cottages to anyone who is visiting Camiguin island. The rooms and the entire resort are very clean and well-maintained. The receptionists Bem-bem and Jen along with the owner are very friendly and accommodating. I had my Camiguin island tour during my second day in the island. I had to check-out before 12 PM, left my backpack in the resort and continued with my tour. When I returned to Marianita’s, they were so kind to even offer me free use of their shower. They truly know what customer service is!

Marianita’s Cottages

Contact Number: +639171045304

Address: Purok 2- Yumbing, National Highway 9100 Mambajao, Camiguin

Online Booking HERE


Royal Park Hotel Boracay – Blog Review + Discounted Room Rates

Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel, also known as Royal Park Resort, is one among the long list of beachfront hotels in Boracay island.

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Facade
Royal Park Hotel Boracay Facade

Strategic Location

Royal Park Hotel is strategically located as it is situated in the border of Station 1 and Station 2 of Boracay’s white sand beach. Guests at Royal Park Hotel get to enjoy the proximity of various bars and restaurants in Station 2. It is also a few minute walk from D’ Mall, D’ Market and D’ Talipapa.

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Royal Park Resort beachfront, Facade and Lobby

Royal Park Hotel Boracay beachfrontbeachfront

Royal Park Hotel has an elevated private space right in front of the property where beach beds are located. I personally love this elevated space as it serves as an area where guests can enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking view of the beach. The property also has coconut tress which adds up to the tropical feel and vibe of the area.

Royal Park Hotel boracay lobby
Royal Park Hotel boracay lobby

The lobby is simple and homey. We felt like we were just visiting a house of a friend or a relative.

Upon entering the Royal Park Hotel, we were warmly greeted by the receptionist. I handed the soft copy of our Agoda booking confirmation slip and our booking was immediately confirmed after few minutes. We were asked by the receptionist to sit for the welcome drinks. We were really surprised that Royal Park Hotel offers welcome drinks! Coming from a luxurious stay at Henann Prime Beach Resort, I have to admit that I did not really expect too much from Royal Park Hotel. But the welcome drinks was really surprising and made us feel important.

Royal Park Hotel Room Rates

Low Season rates (June 1 to November 30)

  • Single Room (2 PAX) – 4,500 Php
  • Standard Room (2 to 3 PAX) – 5,000 Php
  • Family Deluxe (4 PAX) – 6,000 Php
  • Hollow Suite (4 PAX)  – 7,500 Php
  • Suite (2 PAX) – 8,000 Php
  • Executive Suite (2 PAX) – 9,000 Php
  • extra PAX – 500 Php
  • extra bed – 1,000 Php

High Season rates (December 1 to May 30)

  • Single Room (2 PAX) – 5,500 Php
  • Standard Room (2 to 3 PAX) – 6,500 Php
  • Family Deluxe (4 PAX) – 7,500 Php
  • Hollow Suite (4 PAX)  – 8,500 Php
  • Suite (2 PAX) – 9,000 Php
  • Executive Suite (2 PAX) – 10,000 Php
  • extra PAX – 500 Php
  • extra bed – 1,000 Php

Discounted Royal Park Hotel Room Rates!

After enjoying our 2 nights stay at Henann Prime Beach Resort, we transffered at Royal Park Hotel. We were very lucky to have booked a Family Deluxe room at a discounted rate. We booked it for only 2,600 Php instead of the 6,000 Php published rate. Thanks to Agoda!

Tip: You may book your discounted Royal Park Hotel room HERE.

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Family Room at Royal Park Hotel, Station 1 Boracay

Our room was room number 1, technically the nearest to the beachfront. Surprisingly, the family room at Royal Park Hotel is very spacious. It comes with 2 double beds, spacious toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, LCD cable TV, dresser, air-conditioning unit and a dinette set. There are no complimentary bottled water but a pitcher of cold purified water is provided when you arrive.

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Family Room
Royal Park Hotel Boracay Family Room

The double beds are okay. Not the type you get to experience in high-end hotels but are comfortable enough for a good night sleep.

Overall, I should say that the room is clean and simple. The room’s classy furnitures and fixtures are indication that the Royal Park Hotel was once a high-end hotel in Boracay. The rustic feel reminds be of cheap and affordable hotels I’ve been to on my previous travels.

Being in the border of Stations 1 and 2, Royal Park Hotel’s facade and beachfront may tend to become crowded. Tourists walking from station 2 to station 1 pass along the beachfront of the hotel. If you are after peaceful and serene beachfront, I would not recommend Royal Park Hotel. However, if you are going to Boracay to party, shop and fulfill your gastronomic adventures, this is the best hotel due to its proximity to bars, shops and restaurants.

Royal Park Resort / Royal Park Hotel

  • Address: Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island
  • E-mail reservation: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 036 288 6677
  • Discounted room rates HERE.

7 Reasons why Henann Prime Beach Resort is a perfect hotel for your Boracay trip

Henann Prime Beach Resort

Henann Prime Beach Resort is the newest and very first Henann beachfront resort in station 1 Boracay. Opened in November 2016, Henann Prime Beach Resort is becoming a popular choice of station 1 Boracay hotel among tourists.

Me being a first timer in Boracay, Jen made sure that to book the best but not the priciest hotel in the island. We were lucky to have booked Henann Prime Beach Resort’s Splendid Package which is a 2 nights and 3 days stay including 2 buffet breakfast, 2 buffet dinner and airport transfers.

We loved everything about Henann Prime Beach Resort and we’re definitely recommending it to anyone who’s planning to visit Boracay. Here are my 7 Reasons why Henann Prime Beach Resort is a Perfect Hotel for your Boracay Trip:

1. Breathtaking Beachfront Resort

Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort
Me enjoying the beautiful beach front of Henann Prime Beach Resort

Situated in station 1 which is known to as home of luxury and high–end resorts in Boracay, Henann Prime Beach Resort has the best beachfront compared to other Henann resorts in Boracay island. It’s beachfront is as equally beautiful as other station 1 hotels and resorts. The beachfront is the perfect spot to enjoy the breathtaking view of fine white sands and pristine waters of Boracay.  From afar, Henann Prime Beach resort’s facade stands out for it’s signature blue-green beach beds with stylish white umbrellas.

Henann Prime Beach Resort
Henann Prime Beach Resort

The facade is truly eye-catching.  It has a high-end look and feel. The beautiful beach beds are just few meters from the shore and are perfectly placed for relaxation. Almost all tourists walking in the shore take a glimpse of the carefully arranged and classy beach beds of Henann Prime Beach Resort.

Watch my short video featuring Henann Prime Beach Resort’s beachfront:

2. Superb Customer service

Henann Prime Beach Resort knows what customer service is! The superb customer service starts the moment you arrive in the in the airport. You will experience a VIP treatment throughout your stay, from your Caticalan airport transfer to Henann Prime, during your stay in the resort, until your transfer from Henann Prime to Caticlan airport.

The moment we arrived at Henann Prime Beach Resort, we were warmly greeted by the security guard, luggage attendant and Jcel- resort’s front desk. Since we way too early for the 3:00 PM check-in, we were allowed to check-in at 1:30 PM. We even asked to give us a smoking room. Jcel was kind enough to provide us a Premier room on the 3rd floor, where smoking in the balcony is allowed. While waiting, we checked out Sea Salt Cafe and relaxed at the beach bed. We have not officially checked-in yet but the beach attendant surprised us by serving cold glasses of water and giving us towels while we were on the beach beds.

With Sir Art, Henann Prime's Manager on Duty
With Sir Art, Henann Prime’s Manager on Duty

All the staff were very welcoming and accommodating. Every time we bump into a staff in the resort’s vicinity, we were sincerely and politely greeted. There were occurrences where we had to cross the main road and the lady guard made sure of our safety while crossing road. We felt very special.

Some of the staff of Sea Salt Cafe, Henann Prime
Some of the staff of Sea Salt Cafe, Henann Prime

During buffet breakfast and dinner, Sea Salt Cafe staff were very accommodating. They were very helpful and were always ready to serve guests. Sir Art, the manager on duty, was very welcoming and accommodating. He makes sure that food are readily available throughout the duration of buffet. He always ensures that chaffers are always refilled so you will need not to worry about running out of your favorite food in the buffet.

3. Smooth Airport Transfer

It amazed me how organized and seamless the airport transfers were. Since we booked via Henann’s reservation, we did not experience any issues at all. The airport transfers went well. We arrived at Henann Prime Beach Resort fresh and relaxed.

Caticlan Airport to Cagban Port

Henann Group of Resorts Boracay van
Henann Group of Resorts Boracay van

The moment you arrive in Caticlan airport, there are Henann staff with a Hennan placard waiting for you. These Hanann staff will direct you to your van transfer from Caticlan airport to an exclusive Henann Group of Resorts port. This port is nearby to Caticlan port where tourists go for a boat transfer to Cagban port. Since Henann group of resorts has its exclusive port, you will need not to worry about enduring the long lines and waiting time in Caticlan port. In addition, you also get to ride a Henann Group of Resorts’ speed boat. Meaning, you will not have to undergo the usual process of falling in line, paying for the environmental fee and waiting for the boat to fill up.

Cagban Port to Hannan Prime Beach Resort


Henann Group of Resort’s boat immediately leaves for Cagban port once you aboard. And it only takes less than 10 minutes boat ride from Caticlan port to Cagban port compared to approximately 20 to 30 minutes when you board a public boat in Caticlan port.

Once you reach Cagban port, they will direct you to a Hennan group of resorts van that will bring you to Henann Prime Beach resort. If you have a heavy luggage, no need to worry as the Henann staff will take good care of your luggage throughout the transfers.

I should say that Hennan Prime Beach resorts exceeded my expectations. I did not really expect that the transfer was a breeze.

4. World-Class and Elegant Rooms

Henann Prime Beach Resort has a total 104 world-class elegant rooms. 50 rooms are located on the Beach wing and the other 54 rooms are on the East wing (main road side).

Rooms at Henann Prime Beach Resort is at par with that of luxurious hotels in Manila.  High-end furnitures and fixtures are carefully selected making the rooms very functional and elegant. I personally love the attention to detail they have put into the rooms.

Here is my separate blog post for my review of Henann Prime Beach Resort’s Premier room. – Henann Prime Beach Resort Premier Room Review

The beach wing comprises of Premier room, Premier room with direct pool access and Grand room with sea view.

Tip: Book a room on the beach wing as it is the near to the beachfront.

Below are the standard amenities you get to enjoy if you book a room at  Henann Prime Beach Resort:

  • Separate toilet and bathtub
  • Safety deposit box
  • Telephone with IDD and NDD
  • Bathroom telephone
  • Personal refrigerator
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Electric kettle
  • Complimentary coffee
  • Daily complimentary water bottles
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Bidet spray in toilet
  • Hair dryer
  • Daily house keeping service
  • Laundry service (with a fee)
  • In room dining service
  • Henann Toiletries

Room Types at Beach Wing

Premier Room

Premier Room at Henann Prime Resort Boracay
Premier Room at Henann Prime Resort Boracay
  • located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th level
  • choice of 1 queen size bed and a single bed or 1 king size bed
  • approximately 36 sq. m.
  • veranda with a mini dining set
  • bathroom vanity area
  • 43 inch cable TV
  • WIFI access

Premier Room with direct pool access

  • located on ground floor
  • same features as Premier room plus it’s special feature of having a direct access to the beautiful pool

Grand Room with Sea View

  • beachfront view
  • 1 king size bed
  • approximately 56 sq. m.
  • veranda with a mini dining set
  • Spacious seating and wardrobe area
  • bathroom vanity area
  • large free-standing bathtub
  • 50-inch cable TV
  • WIFI Access
  • Ipod docking station

Room Types at East Wing

The East Wing rooms consist of Deluxe and Deluxe with direct pool access.

Deluxe Room

  • located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th level
  • 1 queen size bed and a single bed
  • approximately 40 sq. m.
  • same features as Premier room but are located on the main road side

Deluxe Room with direct pool access

  • located on the ground floor
  • 1 queen size bed and a single bed
  • approximately 40 sq. m.
  • same features as Premier room with direct pool access but are located on the main road side

Published room rates at Henann Prime Beach Resort 

The below published rates are generated from the Henann website and are generated as of this writing. Rates are inclusive of airport transfers and buffet breakfast. Please note that prices vary from the booking date and are subject to change.

  • Premier Room – 8,664 Php or Premier Room (triple)- 9,242 Php
  • Premier Room with direct pool access – 10,770 Php or Premier Room with direct pool access (triple)- 10,307 Php
  • Grand Sea View – 11,984 Php
  • Deluxe Room – 6,465 Php
  • Deluxe Room with direct pool access – 7,604 Php

Tip: Henann Prime Beach Resort offers Splendid Package promo rates inclusive of 2 nights and 3 days stay, buffet breakfast, buffet dinner and airport transfer.  Jen and I compared the promo rates and found that these are indeed cheaper than the published rates. We booked a Splendid Package for lean season for 16,995 Php all-in. Alternatively, you may also book discounted and cheaper Henann Prime Beach Resort room HERE.

5. Delectable Food at Sea Salt Cafe

If Henann Regency Resort & Spa in Station 2 has Sea Breeze Cafe, Henann Prime Beach Resort’s very own Sea Salt Cafe boasts its delicious selection of dishes, pastries and drinks.

View from Sea Salt Cafe
View from Sea Salt Cafe

Dining in at the Al Fresco Sea Salt Cafe is incomparable to any dining experience in Boracay’s popular restaurants. Located in front of Henann Prime Beach Resort’s property, you get to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view of white sand beach.

A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

Sea Salt Cafe offers Filipino, Asian and Western cuisine.

Buffet breakfast at Sea Salt
Buffet breakfast at Sea Salt

Breakfast buffet is from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM and costs 549 Php (approximately $11). Dinner buffet on the other hand starts at 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM and costs 695 Php ($14). Sea Salt Cafe also offers 10% discount for in-house guests! If you drink, Sea Salt Cafe has a happy hour, buy 1 take 1 on selected beers and cocktails from 5 :00 PM to 7:00 PM.

I will write a separate blog post on my review of buffet breakfast and dinner at Sea Salt.

6. Uniquely Beautiful Pool

Henann Prime Swimming Pool
Henann Prime Swimming Pool at Beach Bing













Compared to its sister resorts Henann Regency Boracay and Henann Resort Alona Beach Bohol, Henann Prime Beach Resort is smaller. which makes it more quiet and private. Nonetheless, Henann Group of Resorts utilized its limited real estate and made 2 unique and beautiful pools on each wing of the resort. For the safety of its guests, pool opens and 7:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.

7. Peaceful Location

Based on stories from people I know, I must admit that I pictured Boracay as a party place. I was wrong. There is still an area in Boracay white sand beach that is relatively less crowded, calm and peaceful.  Being in station 1, which is a bit far from the crowded and busy stations 2 and 3, Henann Prime Beach Resort is a haven to those who want to relax. There are less tourists walking in the beachfront and there are no bars or party places nearby.

Overall, I enjoyed my very first visit in Boracay island. I must say that a huge part of the positive experience was because of us staying at Henann Prime Beach Resort. The airport transfers were hassle free, the room was elegant, beachfront was breathtaking and of course the customer service was superb! Henan Prime Beach Resort in Boracay is truly a perfect hotel if you are visiting the beautiful island of Boracay!

Henann Prime Beach Resort

  • Address: Station 1, Beachfront, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608 Philippines
  • Resort  Office contact number:+63 36 288 9200
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Book your discounted Henann Prime Beach Resort room HERE.



Where to book hotels online in the Philippines?

Being home of the 7,107 islands, the Philippines is blessed with beautiful tourists destinations. On top of the list is the breathtaking island of Boracay. Palawan, Bohol and Davao are also popular travel destination in the country. If you are visiting these destinations or any other provinces in the Philippines, it is highly recommended to book your hotel or accommodation ahead of time. Hotels in these destinations easily get fully book especially during peak season.

Where to book hotels online in the Philippines?

Today, there are various online booking sites that provides your hotel and accommodation options prior to your travel. As a travel blogger, I have tried various hotel online booking sites. I should say that I have not encountered any issues booking my hotel or accommodation prior to my trips. I highly recommend online hotel booking site for several reasons.

3 Reasons why I recommend

1. Cheaper Hotel Rates

All online booking sites claim that they offer rooms at a discounted rate. Based on my experience there were instances where the published hotel rate is the same with what other online booking sites offer. What I love about is that when they say discounted rates, they mean it. So far, is the most consistent and has the best hotel rates among other online hotel booking site there is today.

Apart from the discounted rates published in, an automatic voucher code will be generated in your booking. Thus, you will see how much additional savings you get in your hotel. That is on top of the discounted rates!

F1 Hotel Manila
F1 Hotel Manila

Who would have thought that we paid around 4,320 Php instead of 11,000 Php published rate for an overnight stay at F1 Hotel Manila?

                Related blog post: HOTEL IN BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY: F1 HOTEL MANILA

2. No credit card needed, pay at hotel

Another feature of I love is the no credit card needed, pay at the hotel. Unlike other hotel online booking sites, it is only that will let you book your hotel without using a credit card. This is perfect to those who do not have credit card or to those who are afraid for their credit card details to be compromised online. Do not get me wrong, site is very safe and secure!

3. Earn points for every booking!

Aside from the discounted rates and automatic discount voucher, you also get points for every booking you make at This is another first of its kind feature for a hotel online booking site. The points you will be earning for a booking depends on the price of the hotel you booked. The more expensive the more points you get. A point is equivalent to 1 php.  What’s exciting about this is you get to spend the points for your succeeding hotel online booking!

I booked a boutique hotel in Dumaguete City for only 362.66 Php instead of 2,600 Php! How? 2,600 Php ( discounted price) less 1,728 Php (points I earned on my previous hotel bookings).

There are indeed many hotels online booking websites. Most of which are globally popular and offers hotel rates worldwide. Apart from the 3 reasons I mentioned in this article, only offers hotels, accommodations, resorts and lodgings in the Philippines. They focus in giving the best hotel rates for travelers visiting any part of the Philippines. Truly a great deal not only for business or leisure travelers but also for backpackers. This exclusivity makes stand-out among other online booking sites.

Established in 2013, maybe the youngest in the hotel online booking world but it offers the biggest hotel discounts in the Philippines!

One Armed Wanderer Recommends the following Philippine destinations:

Budget Hotel in Iloilo City: 88 Plaza Hotel

88 Plaza Hotel Double Room Iloilo

If you are backpacking The City of Love, there are a number of cheap yet decent accommodations in Iloilo city. For short time stay, check-in at Dragon Lodge for only 280 Pesos for a 3-hour stay. If you are staying overnight, at 560 Pesos, 88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City probably has the cheapest and most affordable rates.

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City Room Rates

Single occupancy – 560 Php
Double occupancy – 690 Php
Triple occupancy – 760 Php

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City Location Map

Located in 88 Delgado street, the hotel is near to various landmarks in Iloilo City. It is few minute taxi ride away from the old Iloilo City hall, Iloilo Esplanade, Smallville and SM City Iloilo. Note that Iloilo airport is quite far from the city center. If you are visiting the city, do not expect hotels near the airport.

Due to the hotel’s cheap and affordable rates, their rooms easily get fully booked.  I arrived in the hotel at around 10 AM there were no available single occupancy rooms. I had no choice but to book a double occupancy room at 690 Php. By the way, that was way cheaper that my last visit in Iloilo where I stayed in Injap Tower Hotel.


Facade of 88 Plaza Hotel
Facade of 88 Plaza Hotel

The hotel’s facade is simple. From outside, the building looks old to me. There is an ample parking space right in front of the hotel. As for the security, there is a guard manning at the entrance. Once you get inside, the reception is situated on the right side. On the left is a mini cafeteria which is open 24 hours.

Double Room at 88 Plaza Hotel

88 Plaza Hotel Double Room Iloilo
88 Plaza Hotel Double Room

For 690 Php, the room was good. Not something you get when you check-in in a more pricey Iloilo hotel like Injap Tower. Nonetheless, the room and the toilet with hold and cold shower are very clean.  The air conditioning unit works perfectly. The hotel lacks WiFi facility but there is a space for work area. There is a mini cable television and a service phone. If you are a smoker, there are designated smoking areas in each level of the hotel.

As expected to a budget hotel, there is nothing special about 88 Plaza except for its affordable room rates. Nonetheless, the guard on the entrance was very welcoming. As for the receptionists, I just felt that they need to be more welcoming and accommodating. With their cheap room rates, I had no issues with their service. It was just getting the value of what you paid for. Overall, if you are a backpacker or a budget traveler visiting Iloilo city, I would highly recommend 88 Plaza Hotel!

Iloilo City Hotel Online Booking HERE

88 Plaza Hotel Iloilo City contact number: 0928 998 9925

Budget Hotel in Dumaguete City: Go Hotels Dumaguete

Go Hotels Dumaguete

If you are travelling to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, there are a number of hotels and accommodations in the province. For budget travelers, comfort and affordability are important in choosing a hotel or accommodation.  In Dumaguete, there is no other hotel aside from Go Hotels Dumaguete that offers comfort and good service at an affordable price.


Go Hotels Dumaguete Location

Go Hotels Dumaguete is located in Calindagan corner South Road in Dumaguete Central Business District Dumaguete City. The hotel is across various BPO offices and is also few meters away from Robinson’s Dumaguete mall. If you are coming from Dumaguete airport, Go Hotels Dumaguete can be reached via tricycle or habal-habal. Travel time from the airport to the hotel is 20 minutes and fare is approximately 120 Php. If you are coming from Ceres Bus Terminal in Dumaguete City, tricycle fare costs 40 Php.

I stayed in Go Hotels Dumaguete after my short day trip in Bacolod. I traveled from Bacolod to Dumaguete via ordinary bus which took roughly 7 long hours.  Since I was not able to anticipate the long travel, I arrived in Dumaguete city at 11 PM and immediately took a tricycle to Go Hotels Dumaguete.

Check-in was a breeze

It was my first time to check-in in a Go Hotels chain. I was very excited as I’ve been reading good reviews about their hotels. When I arrived, I was surprised by its spacious open air lobby and reception area. It was simple and clean.

The check-in process was a breeze. Since I  booked online prior to my trip, I just presented my Travelbook booking confirmation to the receptionist. She quickly verified my booking and immediately handed me the key card for my room.

Go Hotels Dumaguete room rates

Unfortunately, Go Hotels do not have published room rates. Their rates are more expensive if you will book closer to your check-in date.  The below rates were generated via Go Hotels site as of this writing.

Room rates if you book via Go Hotels site 3 days prior to check-in date:

  • twin bedroom – 1220 Php
  • queen size bedroom – 1220 Php

Tip: Alternatively, hotel online booking sites such as Agoda and Travelbook offer cheaper Go Hotels Dumaguete rates.

Travelbook had this last-minute booking promo for twin room for only 710.12 Php instead of 900 Php. It was even cheaper than a queen size room. Being a budget traveler, I immediately booked the 710.12 Php promo rate.

Go Hotels Dumaguete twin room

I was assigned to a twin bedroom on the second level, just right beside the stairs. I should say that I did not really expect anything as I only paid 710.12 Php.  Surprisingly, the room is spacious for a budget hotel. It was very clean and well maintained. The bed and pillows did not disappoint. It was good for the rates Go Hotels Dumaguete offers.

Room amenities include air-conditioning unit, cable TV, WiFi, soap and shampoo, in-room safe and hot and cold shower. Being a hotel for travelers and backpackers, the room does not have any work area. Nonetheless, if you are bringing work in Go Hotels, the fast internet connection will compensate the lack of work area.  As for the toilet and bath, it was very clean.  Aside from the soap and shampoo, bath towels and mats are provided.

Twin room
Twin room

The interior is simple and has this hip and cool vibe.

A photo posted by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

If you are a food lover or a smoker, eating inside your Go Hotels room is not allowed. There is this note in the room that eating areas are available at the hotel’s common areas. For smokers, there are designated smoking areas outside the ground lobby. If you dare to eat or smoke inside your room, prepare for a 1,000 Php cleaning charge.  I do not have issues about these rules as these are for Go Hotels to maintain the quality of their rooms.

My Take on Go Hotels Dumaguete

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Go Hotels Dumaguete.  The receptionists were very accommodating and welcoming. I should say their approach and service are at par with receptionists of high-end hotels in Manila. For Go Hotels Dumaguete room rates, the room exceeded my expectations. It  was spacious and clean. Dumaguete’s Go Hotels is indeed a budget friendly hotel in city!

Go Hotels Website:
Cheap Go Hotels Dumaguete online booking: Agoda / Travelbook
Contact Numbers.: +63 (35) 5221100 | 5221102