Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort in Gumasa Sarangani

Isla Jardin Glan sarangani

Isla Jardin Del Mar resort is probably the most popular beach in Gumasa Glan Saranggani. Located in the southermost part of the Philippines, Isla Jardin de Mar resort is approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours away from General Santos city.

Isla Jardin Glan sarangani
View of the other side of Isla Jardin Del Mar.

White sand beach sarangani
Isla Jardin Del Mar beach front
Isla Jardin Del Mar is a 750 meter long beach with white shoreline and pristine waters.


Gumasa Glan White Sand Beach
That calm and refreshing scenery

White sand beach in the Philippines
White sand beach of Isla Jardin Del Mar
Compared to other restorts in Glan, Isla Jardin Del mar is most favored by travel bloggers and reviewers not just for its beauty but also for it being a backpacker friendly destination.

Isla Jardin rocky
Bach during low tide
There are parts along the beach that may get a bit rocky during low tide. Nonetheless, most of the areas areas during low tide are still conducive for swimming.

Glan sarangani resort philippines
Breathtaking view of the Celebes sea from one of the walkways In Isla Jardin Del Mar

Isla Jardin del mar beach resort
Simply relaxing
Apart from the white sand beach, Isla Jardin Del Mar also has this very long cemented walkway on both ends of the shoreline. On both walkways lie rock formations that complement the blue and pristine ocean waters.

Being a popular weekend destination among locals, Isla Jardin del Mar resort easily gets fully booked during weekends.

After spending 24 hours at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, I immediately headed to Glan. I arrived at Isla Jardin at around 8:00 PM. To my surprise, all their rooms were fully booked. I then realized that it was a Saturday and being the most visited resort in Gumasa, the resort easily gets fully booked during weekends. I was very lucky that the resort’s receptionists were very kind and accommodating. There was one unoccupied reserved room left and they tried calling the guest with the reservation. After waiting for 30 minutes, they allowed me to check-in and provided the unoccupied reserved room.

If you are visiting Isla Jardin on weekends, I highly suggest to reserve ahead of time. Isla Jardin Del Mar Online reservation here.

Isla Jardin Del mar reception
Isla Jardin del Mar’s reception area

Isla Jardin Del Mar Room Rates

Presidential Suite Duplex – Narra (10 pax) – 10,000 Php
Talisay Family Suite – 3,500 Php
Suite Rooom (4 pax) – 2,000 Php
De Luxe Aircon – 2,500 Php
De Luxe Fan – 1,300 Php

Nipa Hut Accommodation (Suite Room)

I’m not really a fan of resorts with concrete accommodations as I feel that it deviates and does not compliment to the natural feel of the beach. Good thing isthat Isla Jardin Del Mar’s accommodations are Nipa Huts on short stilts.

Nipa hut rooms beach philippines
Nipa Hut rooms in Isla Jardin

room accommodation sarangani resort
My Nipa Hut beach front accommodation.
Interestingly enough, these Nipa huts are along the beach overlooking the blue ocean roughly 20 meters away.  

The resort’s Nipa hut accommodations adds up to the authentic beach tropical feel. The hut comes with a terrace where you can simply relax and feel the sea breeze.

sla jardin del mar room for 2
Matrimonial bed
The bed is comfortable and the pillows are really soft. There is also a pull-out bed good for two. I assume that this Nipa hut can accommodate up to 4 persons!

matrimonial room isla jardin
Air-conditioned Nipa hut
The room is very simple and clean. Air-conditioning unit is relatively new and is just enough for the space of the room. The toilet comes with a hot and cold shower.  2 bath towels, a sachet of shampoo and a small soap are provided. So don’t forget to bring your toothbrush and shaving-kit.

Isla Jardin Del Mar Day Tour Rates

Unlike other resorts in Glan which require day tour guests to rent a cottage. Day tour entrance at Isla Jardin Del Mar is only 50 pesos and day tour guests are not required to rent a cottage. Well, this makes Isla Jardin del Mar stand out compared to the rest of Gumasa beach resorts.

Budget Meal at Isla Jardin

After checking-in, I had my dinner at the resort’s restaurant. I started ordering a serving of sweet and sour pork when the cashier noticed that I was alone. She was so kind and suggested that they have solo budget meals good for one person. A sweet and sour pork with rice and soda budget meal is relatively cheaper than ordering them separately.

For a solo traveler, I was actually expecting overpriced meals at the resort but was surprised to know that they offer solo budget meals. I had a budget meal for only 160 pesos.

Dinner at isla Jardin del mar
Budget meal
Isla Jardin restaurant
Isla Jardin Del Mar restaurant
For the breakfast the next day, I did not spend a cent as the Nipa hut room comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast at the resort’s restaurant.

Isla Jardin Del Mar Contact Numbers: +63 83 8930032 / +63 917 253 6105

Isla Jardin Del Mar Online reservation here.

How to Get to Isla Jardin Del Mar? Please visit my separate post on how to get to Gumasa where Isla Jardin Del Mar is located.

My Take

I enjoyed my stay at Isla Jardin Del Mar resort. The staffs were very welcoming and accommodating. The entire resort is well maintained. The fine white sand  and azure waters of Isla Jardin Del Mar is worth the long travel.

If you are looking for a summer getaway and you love white sand beaches, I would highly recommend Isla Jardin Del Mar resort. If you are a backpacker or a budget traveler, getting to Gumasa in Saranggani and staying in Isla Jardin Del Mar is relatively cheaper compared to other popular beaches in the Philippines.


How to Get to Gumasa in Glan Sarangani From Manila

Gumasa Glan White Sand Beach

Gumasa is one among the 31 baranggays of the municipality of Glan in Sarangani Province. Located in the southernmost part of the Philippines and being home to the unspoiled beaches with fine sand, pristine and crystal clear waters, Gumasa is dubbed as the little Boracay of Mindanao.

Gumasa Glan White Sand Beach
Photo from Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort in Gumasa
If you are planning to visit and experience the beautiful beaches of Gumasa, below are the steps how to get to this paradise:

How to get to Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani From Manila

  • Fly to General Santos city. Travel time by air from Manila to General Santos is roughly 2 hours.
  • From General Santos city airport, take a cab to Bulaong terminal. Cab ride is approximately 200 Php.
Eusebio Bulaong bus terminal general santos city
Eusebio Bulaong Public Terminal
  • In front of Eusebio Bulaong terminal, take a tricycle or habal-habal to KCC mall. A special tricycle trip costs 60 Php. Alternatively, you may ride a habal-habal for 80 Php.
  • In KCC mall, there is a terminal with vans bound to the municipality of Glan. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. Fare is 100 Php.
Alegado transport station Glan sarangani
East Alegado Transport Station in Glan, Sarangani
  • The van will drop you off at East Alegado Transport Station in Glan. From there, there are tricycles that will take you in Gumasa. Fare to the resort where I stayed was 120 Php.

Where to Stay in Gumasa?

There are actually a number of resorts in Gumasa. Prior to my Lake Sebu-Gumasa-Davao City trip, I made a quick research on budget and backpacker friendly resorts in Gumasa. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bad reviews on some resorts as they require day tour visitors to rent a cottage. Though I’m actually staying overnight in Gumasa, I did not bother to check out and patronize these backpacker unfriendly resorts.

I chose Isla Jardin del Mar as this is one among those resorts with consistent good reviews. Besides, a new-found Tboli friend whom I met in Lake Sebu also suggested this resort.  I have written a separate blog post  for my review and experience in Isa Jardin del Mar resort in Gumasa. Want to stay in Isla Jardin del Mar? Online booking here.

room accommodation isla jardin del mar
Air conditioned Nipa Hut room in Isla Jardin del Mar resort

How much is the budget?

Compared to other popular beaches in the Philippines, Gumasa is a budget friendly destination. Below is the list of my expenses on my overnight Gumasa adventure.

  • General Santos City – Gumasa round trip fare – approximately 900 Php
  • Isla Jardin del Mar resort accommodation (matrimonial room, air-conditioned) – 2,000 Php
  • Food (dinner, drinks, snacks) – 400 Php (accommodation at Isla Jardin comes with a buffet breakfast)
  • Total = approximately 3,300 Php (airfare from Manila to Generel Santos not included)