Trek to Pongas Falls Sagada Mountain Province

Falls in Sagada
After having a sumptuous breakfast at Bana’s Café, our tourist guide arrived for our first itenary for the day – Pongas falls.  This Sagada tourist attraction is located in Ankileng, Southern part of the province.  Travel time from Sagada proper to Ankileng is only 20 minutes via jeepney or van.
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 Rice field in Angkileng, Sagada, Mountan Province.
This is also the drop off area and the starting point of an hour trek to Pongas Falls.





From the drop off, the trek started. we passed by the scenic view of Angkileng Elementary School.



 The trek continues through an approximately 30 meters hanging metal bridge.  The bridge is heading the Angkileng rice terraces.


(left photo) Our tour guide Manuel and my friend Cathy



. Our tourist guide (left photo) was holding walking sticks which we’ll be needing on the latter part of the trek. We were all  enjoying the refreshing surroundings of Ankileng rice terraces.



After a long and tiring yet refreshing walk in Ankileng rice terraces, we arrived at the village proper.  We stopped over at a store to rest and had some drinks.


Few meters away from the store is the Ankileng Baranggay post. We paid for a registration fee of 10 Php each.  The trek continued in uphill direction passing through the village with friendly locals.


After an exhausting uphill walk in the village, we were greeted by steep rocky trails.


(Left photo) My friends Len and Ejay.
 (Right photo) Our tour guide and my friend Bert trying to climb a very steep trail.  The trek includes narrow trail and steep cliffs which makes the experience challenging, exciting and a bit dangerous.


(Left Photo) Our tour guide kept on telling us that we’ll pass a highway before reaching the falls.  We were all thinking that he was referring to the real highway but it was actually a cemented trail for trekkers.  This highway is approximately 50 to 60 feet above the ground.


 (Right Photo) Scenic view from the highway to Pongas Falls.


 Spectacular view from the highest point of the highway.  Who says that Rice Terraces can only be seen in Banaue?



At the end of the highway comes the scenic view of Pongas Falls.


Pongas falls perfectly creates a picture perfect scene.


 Yes! The view is truly amazing but the trek doesn’t end here. We are yet to pass trough a rocky and slippery trail to get to the falls itself.
The real challenge faced me when I had to climb a 5 foot wall of rock perpendicular to the ground.  Thanks to our tour guide and my friends for helping me out.


Finally, we arrived at the falls. The views are amazing. The sound that water creates while it pours and smashes to the ground is perfect and very relaxing.  Rhythm that is way better than ones in ambient music. Well, the water is cold and clear too.
We had gone a looong way and reaching at this point was already fulfilling.
(Left photo) My friends wanted to climb more.


Okay, my friend Ejay was convincing me to climb.
I gave it a try and did it with his help. (Thanks Ejay)
We stayed in Pongas falls for about an hour and a half and headed back to the drop off site safely.The trek is truly an adventure, a test of one’s courage and determination.  Despite of the challenging trek, it was really fulfilling that we all made it safely to the falls.  The amazing landscapes on our way to the falls, friendly Ankileng locals, our wonderful tour guide, my very encouraging friends and of course the beauty of Pongas Falls make the experience thrilling, fun and memorable.

How to Get to Sagada from Manila

If you are planning to visit Sagada, the most favored route from Manila to Sagada is via Baguio city.Manila to Sagada via Baguio City, Benguet
Take a bus ride from Manila heading to Baguio via Victory Liner.  Victory Liner buses in Cubao, Quezon City departs every hour.  Ticket fare is 445Php and travel time is 6 hours.  It’s recommended to reserve your tickets especially during summer where too many tourists visit Baguio city.Upon arrival to Victory Liner Baguio terminal, take a cab and tell the driver that you are going to GL Trans bus terminal in Dangwa market. Cab fare is approximately 60Php and travel time from Victory Liner terminal to GL Trans terminal is about 20 minutes.

There are only 7 trips from Baguio to Sagada, first of which departs at 6:30 AM and succeeding trips depart every hour.  Last trip is at 1:00 PM.  Note that that most GL trans buses are non-air-conditioned.

GL Tans Bus Terminal, Baguio City

GL Trans Bus Liner Philippines –  Baguio to Sagada Bus Schedule
Bus ride from Baguio to Sagada costs 220Php and travel time is approximately 5 to 7 hours depending on the weather condition.  There are two stopovers during the entire trip where travelers can eat or go to the restroom.  Since I missed the 11:30 AM trip, I took the last trip at 1:00 PM and arrived in Sagada at 6:00 PM.  The travel was a breeze and the scenic views are truly a feast for the eyes.