Restaurant Bar in Siquijor Island: Baha Bar

Baha bar siquijor philippines

Apart from the beautiful tourist attractions and welcoming people, Siquijor is also an ideal place to enjoy food. Backpacking in Siquijor Island will not be complete without trying its local restaurants. Aside from Marco Polo Restaurant, another must try food haven in Siquijor island is Baha Bar. This one of a kind bar and restaurant is located in Maite village and can easily be reached via motorbike or tricycle if you are coming from any of the resorts in the island.

Jen and I were lucky to have stayed at a nearby cheap accommodation which is literally few meters away from Baha bar. After touring Siquijor island and enjoying the beachfront of Golden Skyview resort, we visited Baha Bar for snack which turned out to be an early dinner for us.

Baha Bar Facade and Interiors


Baha bar’s eye-catching facade will truly attract anyone who is new to the island. The Spanish-Filipino inspired architecture and wooden fixtures matched with modern rural vibe make Baha bar stand out among other Siquijor restaurants. You also get this high-end feel once you get inside this open air restaurant bar. Interestingly enough, the entire place look cozy and homey for a restaurant bar in a remote island.


Baha Bar Menu

Being a restaurant bar, Baha bar offers various drinks such as cocktails and beers. They also offer non-alcoholic drinks. We personally loved their shake with homemade ice cream. For their food offerings, they serve soups, fish, pork and chicken dishes. They also serve burgers and pizza. If you are a vegan, don’t you worry as they also have vegetarian food on their menu.

Food, Accommodation and View Deck

Loy, one of the bar’s staff informed us that they are having this lechon and fish buffet for dinner. Surprisingly, Baha bar offers buffet meals every Friday for only 380 Php! Since Jen and I originally wanted to eat snack, we ordered their signature 12″ Baha Bar Pizza (330 Php) and Strawberry Vanilla shake (160 Php).

While waiting for the food, we decided to check-out the entire place.  We discovered that Baha bar also offers accommodation for couples and families/group.  The have Keady (3,000 Php), a cottage for two in the middle of a mini garden. They also have a huge accommodation (6,000 Php) for families or group facing Siquijor beach.

The bar has this sunset view deck where guests can simply enjoy the Siquijor beach view. Here’s one of the sunset photo I took from the view deck.

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We returned to the 2nd level and Loy was kind enough to wait for us before serving the pizza.

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The 12″ Baha bar pizza is seasoned barbecue bites, ham and bacon mixed with onion, bell pepper, barbecue sauce and chopped parsley. The pizza did not disappoint! It was good and reasonably priced.

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A photo posted by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

Baha bar is undoubtedly a popular food destination in Siquijor not only to Filipinos but also to foreign travelers. In fact, we were the only Filipino guests the time we visited the restaurant.

We enjoyed our Baha bar experience. The place and food were great! The staff was welcoming and accommodating. Will I recommend this Siquijor restaurant bar? Definitely YES!

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