List of Siquijor Resorts, Accommodations, Hotels, Lodges and Pension Houses

Breathtaking Cambugahay falls

Siquijor Island is one among the underrated Philippine tourist destination amongst Filipinos. When we visited the island, we were surprised that Siquijor is becoming a popular travel destination to foreign tourists specifically to Europeans. If you are planning to visit the breathtaking province of Siquijor, there is  a good number of resorts, accommodations, lodges, pension houses and even home stays in the island.

Note that the below list is from Siquijor Provincial Tourism Office as of January 1, 2017. I highly recommend to book your Siquijor resort or accommodation prior to your trip as most these resorts and accommodations get fully booked both peak and non-peak season. I have included in the list the  online booking facility of some resorts.

List of  resorts, accommodations, hotels, lodges, pension houses, home stays in Siquijor Island Philippines

There are various municipalities in Siquijor Island. The list below is arranged by municipalities.

Municipality of Siquijor, Siquijor

Swiss Star Guest House & Restaurant

Owner: Geri & Aurelia Luginbuhl

Location: Pangi, Siquijor

Contact Number: +63 9274473010

Room Rates:

  • Aircon room 2 single beds: 950 Php
  • Aircon room with king size bed: 650 Php
  • Fan single room: 400 Php – 500 Php – 780 Php
  • Aircon single room: 500 Php

Villa Marmarine

Owner Toshito Harada

Contact Numbers: +63 9194659370

Room Rates:

Hifumi – aircon: 3,000

Blue Wave Inn Beach Resort & Restaurant

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

Contact Person: Venus Santarin

Owner: Edilberto Bravo

Contact Number: +63 4809190 / +63 9209826995

  • Economy: 1,150 Php
  • Standard: 1,600 Php
  • Deluxe: 2,200 Php
  • Superior: 2,500 Php
  • Entrance fee – consumable for swimming with dining only: 250 Php

Blue Wave Inn discounted room rates HERE.

Diamond de Siquijor

Contact Person: Leothy Siangco

Location: Calalinan, Siquijor

Contact Numbers: +63 950 127156 / +63 4805533

  • Aircon room for 2 PAX: 1,050 Php – 1380 Php
  • Fan room for 2 PAX: 650 Php – 1,100

All rooms have toilet & bathroom. Free breakfast for airconditioned rooms only.

Replica Manor

Owner: Mary Ann Jumawan

Contact Numbers: +63 9298401358

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

  • Aircon room for 2 PAX: 850 Php
  • Fan room for 2 PAX: 650 Php
  • Family room for 4 to 5 PAX: 400 Php per PAX, 200 Php for extra person

Tori’s Paradise

Owner: Ria Limatoc

Location: Dumanhog, Siquijor

Contact Number: +63 9122095781

  • Beach view room for 2 PAX (fan): 650 Php
  • Beach view room for 2 PAX (aircon): 1,250 Php
  • Family room for 6 PAX (aircon): 3,200 Php
  • Family room for 4 PAX (aircon): 2000 Php
  • Mixed dormitory: 300 Php

Tori’s Paradise discounted room rates HERE.

Das Traum Guesthouse

Owner: Joy Deandrade

Location: Pangi, Siquijor

  • Aircon room twin bed for 2 PAX: 700 Php
  • Fan troom twin bed for 2 PAX: 350 Php
  • Non aircon room with common toiler & bath for 2 PAX: 250 Php

Guiwanon Spring Park

Contact Number: 0926 4606010

Location: Luyang, Siquijor

  • cottage: 300 Php

Municipality of San Juan, Siquijor

 Salamangka Beach & Dive Resort

Contact Person: Felix or Grace

Contact Number: 09266603534/09175886837

  • Bayview (5 rooms): 5980 Php
  • Oceanview (4 rooms): 9989 Php
  • Garden Cottage (8 rooms): 3480 Php
  • Superior room (4 rooms): 10980 Php

Discounted rates HERE.

Coco Grove Beach and Dive-in Resort

If you are looking for a complete luxurious relaxation in Siquijor Island, Coco Grove Beach and Dive-in Resort is the right place for you. This resort is the largest and has the most number of  rooms compared to other resorts in Siquijor.

entrance of coco grove beach and dive resort entrance of coco grove beach and dive resort

Since we did not reserve a hotel before our Siquijor trip, we walked-in at Coco Grove Beach Resort. Unfortunately, this hotel/resorts easily gets fully booked both peak and non-peak season.

Coco Beach Resort online booking HERE


5 reasons to stay in Gold Sky Seaview in Siquijor Island

When Jen and I embarked in Siquijor port, there were tourism accredited tricycle drivers offering cheap Siquijor island tour (Related: Cheapest Siquijor tour package). After touring the island, our tricycle driver/tour guide was kind enough to help and show our options for our accommodation during our stay in Siquijor.  We visited a number resorts and accommodations and decided that Gold Sky Sea View Guest House is fairly priced for a beach front accommodation.

Gold Sky Seaview Guest House

Gold Sky Sea View Guest House
Gold Sky Sea View Guest House

1. Good location

Gold Sky Sea View Guest House is located in San Juan municipality. Compared to other municipalities, San Juan is the nearest to Siquijor Port. Gold Sky Seaview is also few meters away from popular restaurants in Siquijor – Baha Bar & Restaurant and Marco Polo Pizza & Pasta. It is also literally few steps away from Czar’s Place – a popular drink and party destination of locals and tourists in the island.

2. Beach front cottages

Golded Sky View beach front
Golded Sky View beach front

There are many resorts and accommodations in Siquijor Island. If you have budget, you may want to stay in White Villas or Coco Grove Beach resort. On the other hand, for budget travelers and backpackers, there are cheap accommodations. Tori’s Paradise has a 300 Php a night rate in a mixed dormitory.  Das Tratum Guesthouse also has a 250 Php a night rate.

Sadly, only the pricey resorts like Coco Grove offer beach front accommodations. Rooms in cheaper accommodations don’t usually have beach front views. Gold Sky Seaview Guest House may not be as grand and high-end as the pricey resorts but all of its three cottages are beach front. So, if you love swimming, you need not to visit other areas in Siquijor as you get to enjoy the beach right outside your cottage.

3. Privacy

If you are the type who loves peaceful and quiet surroundings, you will definitely love Gold Skyview Guest House. The resort has only three cottages. Each of which has toilet & bath and refrigerator.


The cottage is spacious and very clean. Extra beds are also readily available if needed. There is no hot & cold shower, however, toiletries such as bath towels, soap, shampoo and toilet paper are provided. You also get free wifi!


Since there are only three cottages, you get to enjoy your privacy during your stay in Gold Sky Seaview. We learned from the caretaker that the two cottages were occupied for an extended time at a lower rate. Unlike in other resorts, it’s peaceful, quiet and you get your own privacy.

There is also a common area where guests can cook. There is also a cabana right in front of the beach where you can simply relax and enjoy some drinks or a book.

4. Cheaply priced

With its strategic location, beach front cottages, peaceful and quiet surroundings, I should say that for only 1,500 Pesos ($30) is practically cheap. There is indeed cheaper accommodations in Siquijor but you won’t get beach front, spacious and air-conditioned room.

Gold Seaview Guest House’s rate for non-conditioned cottage is 1,000 Pesos ($20).

5. Friendly and helpful staff

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Me in Gold Skyview Guest House

Throughout our stay, we felt very special with Rose, the resort’s caretaker. She was very welcoming, accommodating and helpful.  Rose gave us tips on where to eat in the area and even assisted us on our fastcraft ticket purchase to Dumaguete City. She was very friendly and shared tons of stories about her life in the island.

Overall, Jen and I super enjoyed our stay in Gold Sky Seaview Guest House. We were very lucky that our tour guide showed us the resort. It was perfect for us. I personally love the quiet and peaceful surroundings. Being in a good location, we also get to dine in Siquijor’s sought after restaurants and experienced the island’s night life.

Gold Sky Seaview Guest House
Contact Number: 09169236243
E-Mail: [email protected]

You may check other Siquijor resorts and accommodations HERE.


Restaurant Bar in Siquijor Island: Baha Bar

Baha bar siquijor philippines

Apart from the beautiful tourist attractions and welcoming people, Siquijor is also an ideal place to enjoy food. Backpacking in Siquijor Island will not be complete without trying its local restaurants. Aside from Marco Polo Restaurant, another must try food haven in Siquijor island is Baha Bar. This one of a kind bar and restaurant is located in Maite village and can easily be reached via motorbike or tricycle if you are coming from any of the resorts in the island.

Jen and I were lucky to have stayed at a nearby cheap accommodation which is literally few meters away from Baha bar. After touring Siquijor island and enjoying the beachfront of Golden Skyview resort, we visited Baha Bar for snack which turned out to be an early dinner for us.

Baha Bar Facade and Interiors


Baha bar’s eye-catching facade will truly attract anyone who is new to the island. The Spanish-Filipino inspired architecture and wooden fixtures matched with modern rural vibe make Baha bar stand out among other Siquijor restaurants. You also get this high-end feel once you get inside this open air restaurant bar. Interestingly enough, the entire place look cozy and homey for a restaurant bar in a remote island.


Baha Bar Menu

Being a restaurant bar, Baha bar offers various drinks such as cocktails and beers. They also offer non-alcoholic drinks. We personally loved their shake with homemade ice cream. For their food offerings, they serve soups, fish, pork and chicken dishes. They also serve burgers and pizza. If you are a vegan, don’t you worry as they also have vegetarian food on their menu.

Food, Accommodation and View Deck

Loy, one of the bar’s staff informed us that they are having this lechon and fish buffet for dinner. Surprisingly, Baha bar offers buffet meals every Friday for only 380 Php! Since Jen and I originally wanted to eat snack, we ordered their signature 12″ Baha Bar Pizza (330 Php) and Strawberry Vanilla shake (160 Php).

While waiting for the food, we decided to check-out the entire place.  We discovered that Baha bar also offers accommodation for couples and families/group.  The have Keady (3,000 Php), a cottage for two in the middle of a mini garden. They also have a huge accommodation (6,000 Php) for families or group facing Siquijor beach.

The bar has this sunset view deck where guests can simply enjoy the Siquijor beach view. Here’s one of the sunset photo I took from the view deck.

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We returned to the 2nd level and Loy was kind enough to wait for us before serving the pizza.

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The 12″ Baha bar pizza is seasoned barbecue bites, ham and bacon mixed with onion, bell pepper, barbecue sauce and chopped parsley. The pizza did not disappoint! It was good and reasonably priced.

A photo posted by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

A photo posted by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

Baha bar is undoubtedly a popular food destination in Siquijor not only to Filipinos but also to foreign travelers. In fact, we were the only Filipino guests the time we visited the restaurant.

We enjoyed our Baha bar experience. The place and food were great! The staff was welcoming and accommodating. Will I recommend this Siquijor restaurant bar? Definitely YES!

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How to get to Siquijor from Manila, Dumaguete, Bacolod or Iloilo

Siquijor baywalk boulevard

Being an archipelago, The Philippines is composed of 1707 beautiful islands. One of which is the breathtaking island of Siquijor. If you are planning to travel to Siquijor, note that there are no direct plane flight to the island.  Here are the directions on how to get to to the  island if you are coming from Manila, Dumaguete, Bacolod or Iloilo:

Siquijor baywalk boulevard
Siquijor Boulevard

How to get to Siquijor Island from Manila or Dumaguete 

Manila to Dumaguete

Geographically, the nearest island to Siquijor is Dumaguete. Book a flight from NAIA (Manila Airport) to Dumaguete. Flight duration is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Dumaguete Airport to Dumaguete Port

From Dumaguete airport, ride a tricycle or a motorbike (habal-habal) going to Dumaguete Port. Note that there are no standard tariff rates for tricycles in Dumaguete. Make sure to ask the driver first how much would be the fare from the airport to the port. In our case, we paid 120 Pesos to the tricycle driver. Travel time from Dumaguete airport to port is approximately 20 minutes.

Dumaguete Port to Siquijor

In Dumaguete port, there are a number of ferries, fast crafts and outriggers going to Siquijor. Travel time is 45 minutes to 2 hours.  Oceanjet fast craft is the fastest ferry from Dumaguete to Siquijor. If you love slow travel, ride large cargo ferries or boats.

Tip: If you have motion sickness, avoid smaller ferries or boats as the sea can be rough.

Dumaguete to Siquijor Ferries

Note that the below ferry schedules and fares are based on what we have gathered in Dumaguete port. In our case, we embarked in GL Express Ferry at 8:30 AM and arrived in Siquijor at 9:00 AM.


Oceanjet Dumaguete Siquijor

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Travel time 45 minutes

Oceanjet Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 12:30 PM
  • 8:30 PM

Oceanject Fare

  • OpenAir/Tourist Class 210 Php
  • Business Class 360 Php

Montenegro Lines (Large Cargo Ferry)

Montenegro Lines Dumaguete - Siquijor trip
Montenegro Lines Dumaguete – Siquijor trip

Travel time 1 hr 30 mins

Montenegro Lines Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 7:00 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 2:00 PM

Montenegro Lines Fare (Dumaguete to Siquijor, Siquijor)

  • Regular fare 130 Php
  • Student fare 111 Php
  • Senior Citizen fare 93 Php

Montenegro Lines Fare (Dumaguete to Larena, Siquijor)

  • Regular fare 170 php
  • Student fare 145 php
  • Senior citizen fate 121 Php

Aleson Shipping Lines  (Large Cargo Ferry)

Travel time 1 hour and 30 mins

Aleson Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 8:30am
  • 10:30am
  • 3:30pm
  • 6:00pm

Aleson Shipping Lines Fare

  • Regular 120 Php
  • Student 120 Php
  • Seniot citizen 120 Php
  • Minor 60 Php

GL Express Ferry

Travel time 1 hr

GL Express Ferry Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 8:00 AM
  • 4:00 PM

GL Express 2 Fast Ferry

Travel time 50 mins

GL Express Fast Ferry Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 10:00 AM
  • 4:00 PM

Jay Lann (Open Air)

Travel time 1 hour and 15 mins.

Jay Lann Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 5:45 AM
  • 12:00 PM

Jay Lann Boat

Trave time 1 hour and 45 mins.

Jay Lann Boat Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 1:45 PM

 Jaziel (Outrigger)

Jaziel Schedule (Departure from Dumaguete)

  • 10:00 AM
  • 2:15 PM

How to get to Siguijor Island from Iloilo or Bacolod

If you are coming from Iloilo, you will have to pass Bacolod and Dumaguete to reach Siquijor.

Iloilo City to Iloilo port

Weesam Express Iloilo Bacolod route
Weesam Express Iloilo Bacolod route

From Iloilo City, take a taxi to Iloilo river wharf. From there, ride a ferry going to Bacolod. For ferry lines, schedules and fares from Iloilo to Bacolod, read How to get to Bacolod from Iloilo.

Bacolod port to Ceres Bus Terminal

In Bacolod port, ride a jeepney bound to Silay City. Just inform the driver to drop you off the Ceres Bus terminal. Note that there ate two Ceres terminals in Bacolod, Ceres North and South. The former is nearer to the Bacolod port.

From Ceres bus terminal, take a bus bound to Dumaguete. Travel time is 6 to 7 hours. Take the air-conditioned buses as these are faster compared to the ordinary ones.  

Once you reach Dumaguete City,  take a tricycle or habal-habal to Dumaguete port. Please see Dumaguete Port to Siquijor section in the first part of this article for the completed directions.

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Cheapest Siquijor tour package

siquijor philippine falls

Siquijor Island is located in the Central Visayan region of the Philippines. Next to Camiguin and Batanes, Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province in the country. This must visit province is one among the underrated tourist destination among locals but is becoming popular among foreign tourists and travelers.

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Cheapest Siquijor tour package

If you are planning to visit Siquijor island, there are various tour packages available online. However, these Siquijor tour packages are quite expensive. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to enjoy the breathtaking Siquijor. Instead of availing expensive tour packages, go directly to the island and arrange a tour package to the Siquijor tourism accredited tour guides/tricycle drivers.

In Siquijor port, there is a provincial tourism office reception area. Just ask the tourism officer for a copy of Siquijor map, list of accommodations and list of standard transportation tariff rates and tours. They provide these handouts for free. These will be helpful during your stay in Siquijor most especially if you decide to DIY tour the island.

There are tourism office accredited tricycle and van drivers waiting in the port. They usually approach visitors and offer the tour. Just make sure that you are dealing with the tourism accredited drivers. These guys are in Siquijor tourism uniform. If you are a solo traveler or a couple, a tricycle tour will do. For larger groups, touring Siquijor on a van is recommended.

Siquijor tour package rates

Here are the Siquijor Provincial Tourism Office Accredited tour package rates:


  • Island tour– 1,000 Php
  • Mountain tour – 1,200 Php


  • Coastal Tour – 2500 Php
  • Mountain Tour – 3,000 Php
  • coastal/mountain tour – 3,500 Php

June, one of the tourism accredited tricycle drivers/tour guide approached us. He briefed us about the  1,000 Php tour package. The tour will bring us to popular Siquijor tourist spots and attractions. Note though that tricycle parking fees for each tourist spot are excluded from the tour package rate.

Tricycle island tour itinerary

The 1,000 Php Siquijor island tour via tricycle will bring you to the following Siquijor tourist attractions:

St. Francis of Assisi Church

This is the first stop of the tricycle island tour. St. Francis of Assisi church is actually few meters away from Siquijor port. This is probably the most popular landmark in Siquijor as it serves as a backdrop to the “Welcome to Siquijor” sign.

Hello Siquijor! ?? 

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Capilay Spring Park 

Next stop is the Capilay Spring Park. Located in San Juan, Siquijor, this natural spring fed swimming pool is popular among locals. Capilay Spring Park has no entrance free.

Capilay Spring Park
Capilay Spring Park

Century old balete tree and fish foot spa

Located in San Juan, Siquijor, the century old tree is said to be the oldest and the biggest tree in the island. Just in front of the tree is a cold spring. Interestingly enough, the cold spring also serves as a fish spa. Surprisingly, they have this huge fishes that will surely tickle and nibble your feet. Environmental fee is 5 Php.

San Isidro Labradaor Church

Located in Lazi, Siquijor, this century old church was built by the Augustinian recollects in the latter part of 19th century.

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Lazi Convent

Across the San Isidro Labrador church is the Lazi Convent. Completed and blessed in 1891, Lazi convent is one of the biggest and oldest convent in the Philippines. This convent was declared as one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines in 1970’s. Unfortunately, the convent is under renovation when we visited Lazi.

Cambugahay falls

 Cambugahay falls is a 3 tiered waterfalls in Lazi, Siquijor. There is no entrance fee to enjoy this breathtaking Siquijor attraction. Just make sure to pay 20 Php parking fee for your tricycle driver/guide.

Breathtaking Cambugahay falls

Salagdoong Molave man-made Forrest

On the way to Salagdoong beach, you will pass by a man-made forest with Molave trees.

Salagdoong beach

Located in Maria, Siquijor, Salagdoong beach is popular among locals. Entrance fee is 15 Php and environmental fee is 10 Php.

Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor 

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Overall, we enjoyed our tricycle Siquijor island tour. Given the distance of each tourist attraction and the honesty and kindness of June – our tricycle driver/tour guide,  1,000 Php is fairly priced and indeed the cheapest Siquijor tour package there is!

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Where to eat in Siquijor: Marco Polo Restaurant Pizza & Pasta

Yummy pizza and pasta!

 Marco Polo Restaurant is one among the must try food place in the beautiful Siquijor island. The restaurant’s mission is to bring the passion of Italian kitchen in Siquijor. Located in municipality of San Juan, Marco Polo restaurant is just a few minute motorbike or tricycle ride from various resorts and accommodations in Siquijor.


Marco Polo Restaurant Menu

Marco Polo Restaurant is the only food place in Siquijor offering authentic Italian cuisine. On their menu are starters, pizzas, pastas and Italian breakfast. All are simple and Italian dishes at a very affordable price. They also offer various wines, liquors and cocktails.

Marco Polo restaurant’s facade is simple, clean, and laid back.  It is nicely set by the beach.  A Filipino feel welcomes guests to its minimalist interiors. There are wooden tables and chairs that are carefully situated across the restaurant’s kitchen and bar area. I love the open area concept of the restaurant as guests get to enjoy the fresh air and  hear the relaxing sound coming from the ocean waves.

Marco Polo Siquijor Huts
Marco Polo Huts facing the beach

There are 2 huts outside the main restaurant that are also available for dining.

Morning low-tide view from Marco Polo Restaurant
Morning low-tide view from Marco Polo Restaurant

I personally love these huts as you get clear and beautiful view of the beach from here.  It is best to visit Marco Polo during the sunset. Nonetheless, the morning low-tide view of the beach is also awesome!

Marco Polo Chill Out Area
Marco Polo Chill Out Area

If you want to simply relax there is a chill out zone with 2 hammocks. The entire restaurant is clean and well-maintained. I’m pretty sure that the area looks very cozy and relaxing come nighttime.

Marco Polo Restaurant Experience

Thanks to Rose, the caretaker of the lodge where we stayed, for recommending Marco Polo restaurant. As we arrived in Marco Polo Restaurant, a staff warmly greeted and welcomed us. We immediately took one of the huts while deciding which pizza and pasta to order.

Though  they have Italian breakfast meals, we decided to order pizza and pasta to make sure that we get to try their specialty.  I really do not dine in fancy and expensive authentic Italian restaurants in Manila so I did not have any idea which pizza to order. We seek for the help of one of the staff. She told us that their best seller is Hawaianna. Since I’m not really a fan of pizza with pineapple, we asked for another option and ordered Calabrese – topped with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage and black olives. For the pasta, we ordered Frutti di Mare, spaghetti “al dente” with mixed seafood in a light creamy white wine sauce.

Authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta

Yummy pizza and pasta!
Yummy pizza and pasta!

The freshly baked 12 inch Calabrese pizza and freshly cooked Frutti di Mare pasta quickly arrived. The pizza crust was not too think nor thin. It was just perfect. The crispness were just enough for the thickness of the pizza. I should say that it is by far the best pizza I have ever had during my travels! Calabrese was different from any other commercial pizzas back in Manila. It was more of a delicious homemade authentic Italian pizza to me. It was very tasty! I personally loved the fresh tomato sauce, sliced sausages and the big black sliced olives. The pasta was a surprise. I forgot that I was in an authentic Italian restaurant and expected for a typical Pinoy white sauce. Nonetheless, I find the pasta very tasty and delicious! Truly an authentic Italian pasta.

with Sir Giulio, owner of Marco Polo
with Sir Giulio, owner of Marco Polo

As we were enjoying our meal, Sir Guilio – the friendly owner of Marco Polo restaurant, checked us out and asked how’s the food. He told us that he approached because he has seen me enjoying eating pasta. We then started chatting and became instant buddies. He was so kind to even share some information as to where his pizza ingredients come from. I learned that the ingredients he use come from Italy, Australia and of course the Philippines. Before leaving the restaurant, he even asked me for my blogsite. I hope he will be able to read this post.

Marco Polo also offers delivery within the municipality of San Juan. Delivery hotline is 09778405399.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Marco Polo Restaurant. The foods are delicious! The restaurant’s ambiance was really good. The service was superb. We felt like more of guests than customers. I would highly recommend Marco Polo Restaurant and would definitely come back on my next Siquijor visit.