Cheap Hotels in Roxas City: Wallabies Hotel and Novotel

facade of Wallabies hotel Capiz

Since we planned to take the Roxas City route to Islas de Gigantes, one of our concerns was to find the cheapest hotel there is in Roxas City where we will stay overnight before heading to Gigantes Islands in Iloilo. During my first visit in Roxas City, I stayed in relatively cheap accommodations. I stayed at Roxas President’s Inn Hotel at 2,217.00 Php for two nights and Premierre Inn motel at 700 Php a night. Since it was already my second time to visit Roxas, I wanted to try other cheap hotels or accommodations. We made a quick research while we were on the Roxas City airport. We found the rates of Wallabies Hotel and Novotel in Roxas City a good deal for budget travelers and backpackers.

Cheap hotels in Roxas City Capiz

Wallabies Hotel Roxas City

Wallabies Hotel is one among the budget friendly and cheap hotels in the seafood Capital of the Philippines. Located along Washington St. Corner Zamora St., Wallabies hotel is just few minute tricycle ride from Roxas City airport and is roughly 5 minute walk from the Roxas City center where restaurants and plaza are located.



Wallabies Hotel Rates

Regular Room (Queen Sized Bed) – 699.00 Php
Premier Room – (2 single bed) – 799.00 Php
Deluxe Room (3 single bed) – 899.00 Php
Extra Bed/Person – 150.00 Php



Our room was a Regular Room at only 699.00 Pesos. Surprisingly, the room was very clean and looks relatively new. The room comes with a very small LCD TV, small dresser, 2 chairs and a mini table mounted beneath the TV.  I felt like the 2 pillows were too small for the queen sized bed. Nonetheless, the bed was very comfortable considering the affordable price of this hotel.  This budget friendly hotel also offers 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping and is also PWD friendly as the hotel is wheelchair accessible.

Wallabies Hotel Online Booking HERE

Wallabies Hotel
Washington St. Corner Zamora St., Roxas City, Capiz
Contact number: (036) 6211489 / 09107512772

Novotel Hotel Roxas City

After our 3 day Gigantes Islands visit, we headed back to Roxas City where we will be staying overnight before our flight back to Manila. We decided to check-in at Novotel hotel Roxas City.

Novotel hotel Roxas City is located along Arnaldo Boulevard and is few minutes tricycle ride from Roxas City Airport, Roxas City center and the famous food destination Baybay. Being along the main road, Novotel is just few steps away from Gaisano mall, Roxas Provincial Hospital and various restaurants and bars. The hotel’s facade is barely noticeable as it shares the same building with its sister company NOVO department store.

Since we were no longer new to Novotel hotel, as expected, the room was decent. The queen-sized bed and the pillows were very comfortable. There is an LCD cable TV. The room was very clean and well maintained. I just noticed that the doors used to be powered by keycard locks but for some reasons were converted to the traditional door knobs. Nonetheless, security will not be an issue in the hotel.

Novotel Roxas City Room Rates

VIP Room- 1,050 Php
Family Room- 1,050  Php
Deluxe Room- 800 Php

Novotel Roxas City is under the hotel chains of Asia Novotel which is also has hotel chains in Caloocan City, Kalibo, Dumaguete, Sorsogon and General Santos City.

Unfortunately, Novotel hotel does not have an online booking facility. You may book other Roxas City hotels HERE. 

Asia Novotel Roxas City
Tanque, Inzo Arnaldo Village, Roxas City, Capiz
Contact Number: (036) 6320869

Cheap Accommodation in Roxas City: Premiere Inn

Roxas City Motel Room

Premiere Inn is probably the cheapest and most affordable accommodation in Roxas City. Located in Bangbang st., Premiere Inn is few minutes away from several Roxas City tourist attractions such as the People’s Park and Provincial capitol.

After my 2 night stay at Roxas President’s Inn, I decided to try a budget accommodation. I asked several locals where can I find the cheapest yet decent accommodation in Roxas City and I was advised to check out Premiere Inn.

I tried searching for the rates via Agoda while I was on my way to Premiere Inn. Unfortunately, this budget accommodation seemed to be unlisted in the hotel booking site. I then started to think that Premiere Inn might be a motel. Recalling my unforgettable experience in Iloilo where I unintentionally checked-in in a motel (Dragon Lodge Iloilo), the experience was not bad at all. For the sake of budget traveling, I was willing to stay in a motel for the second time.

Premiere Inn Roxas City

Entrance of Premiere Inn, Roxas City

Counter at Premiere Inn Motel

Premiere Inn Roxas City Room Rates

Single bed  (for 2 persons)
3 hours – 300 Php
12 hours – 500 Php
24 hours  – 700 Php

Double bed (for 4 persons)
12 hours – 750 Php
24 hours – 1,000 Php

The room rates confirmed my suspicions. Premiere Inn is indeed a motel! Nonetheless, rates are very cheap and affordable! If you are on a tight budget, non-airconditioned rooms are available too!

Premiere Inn MotelHallway Premiere Inn Roxas City

The entire place is clean. The 2-storey building looked newly painted.

Room at Premiere Inn  Roxas City Motel Room

I took a single bed room for 24 hours for only 700 Php. I must say that the room is clean and quite spacious. The vibe is more of a pension house room than of a motel.

capiz motel room

The room comes with a cable TV.

Toilet and bath premiere inn capiz

The toilet and bath has hot and cold shower. Faucets need some repair though. I was satisfied with the room itself but the toiled and bath is nothing to  rave about. Nonetheless, this Roxas City accommodation is very affordable. Well, we at times get what we pay for.

Since this is a motel and most motels in the Philippines are built for short time pleasure, they do not issue room keys to guests. If you are leaving your room to tour Roxas City, once you return, you have to ask the counter to open the room door for you.

If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Roxas City, Premiere Inn will definitely not empty your pocket. Don’t want to stay in Premiere Inn? You may check other Roxas City hotels here.

Where to Eat in Roxas City, Seafood Capital of The Philippines

meal at Baybay

I was very excited to visit Roxas City, Capiz as it pegged as the seafood capital of Philippines. Having one normal arm, it’s really challenging for me to eat any shellfishes. Nonetheless, I was really looking forward to discover Roxas City top food finds.

During my 3-day visit in Roxas City, below are my top 3 places and restaurants that are worth visiting in the seafood capital of the Philippines:

 1. Baybay

Baybay is a Visayan word which means seashore.
Located within the Roxas City People’s park, Baybay is undoubtedly the most popular food place for both locals and tourists. Baybay has an array of restaurants and stalls offering the fresh seafood.

seafood court at roxas city people's park

On the right side of the park is Baybay’s seafood Court is an open area where diners can enjoy the sea breeze while having the freshest seafoods Roxas City offers.

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I immediately visited Baybay during my first day in Roxas City. I was surprised that at 8:30 AM, most of the restaurants/food stalls in the Baybay sea food court are still closed. I was lucky though that the staff of Rhiane’s Grill & Resto have already started displaying fresh sea foods in front of their stall.

breakfast at baybay

I ordered for a grilled fish, 2pc. Pork barbeque, talaba (oysters), buko juice and a soda. I was surprised that I just paid (190 Php/$3.80) for a generous amount of food. Apart from the cheaply priced fresh and mouth-watering sea foods, the staff of Rhiane’s Grill and Resto were very friendly and accommodating too.

rhiane's grill staff at baybayDSCF0797

With Rhiane’s Grill & Resto staff, Baybay, Roxas City

On my second day at Roxas, I tried the a restaurant situated on the left side of Baybay. This time I ordered my favorite calamares and this fish that they call “Kilo-kilo”.

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Calamares (190 Php/$3.80) Grilled Kilo-kilo fish (120 Php/$2.4), 1 Rice (12 Php/$0.24), 1 soda (12Php/$0.24) = Total 334 Php/$6.68

The best time to visit Baybay really depends on your preference. If you love quiet and peaceful athmosphere, visit Baybay for your breakfast. If you love to witness some sort of seafood festival/bazaar, Baybay is the perfect for dinner.

I have to say that Roxas City People’s Park/Baybay  is my favorite place in Capiz. Apart from the relaxing atmosphere, fresh sea breeze and friendly locals, you will surely have a satisfying gastronomic adventure in Baybay.

Operating hours: Some stalls open as early as 8:30 AM, most stalls close at 12:00 AM
Budget: Starts at 150 Php

2. Raffy’s Bistro – Buckets-Sizzlers-Coffee

Raffy's bistro in roxas city

Unlike Baybay, this is one among the few high-end restaurants in Roxas City. Located in Halaran Plaza, Raffy’s Bistro is just a few walks away from Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral and the Capiz Provincial Capitol. It is also within an arms reach from Roxas President’s Inn.

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The restaurant itself is very clean and the staff are very friendly. The interior was a fusion between old and modern American Bistro. Raffy’s Bistro serves American-Mediterranean cuisine. They offer salads, handcrafted burgers, pastas, artisan flatbread pizzas etc.

I ordered Seafood Pesto Pasta, Scallops Rockefeller and a bottomless iced cold house tea.

Raffy's Bistro Seafood Pesto
Seafood Pesto Pasta (175 Php/$3.5) – Shrimp, fish, squid in creamy pesto sauce

Scallops Rockefeller
Scallops Rockefeller (210 Php/$4.20) – Fresh Capiz scallops topped with Bechamel , bacon bits and lots of cheese baked to perfection

Please check out my separate post for the complete Raffy’s Bistro Menu.

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Contact number: 036-6213976
Budget: starts at 250 Php

3. Spanggo Cafe & Pasalubong

From a failed Pres.Manuel Roxas ancestral house tour, I was heading back to the hotel when I saw the attention grabbing name  and architecture of this restaurant. Related: 5 Things to to do in Roxas City aside from eating seafood

Spanggo or Spanish-Ilongo is located along Rizal St. and is also few meters away from Raffy’s Bistro.

Spanggo Cafe in Roxas City

I did not think twice and hurriedly checked out the Spanggo Cafe. From the name itself, Spanggo serves Spanish-Ilongo foods. Aside from this, they are also popular for their “pasalubong” items and their delicious homemade pies.

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I ordered “The Big Meal” (195 Php/$3.90)- Pinoy arroz la Cubana: danggit, 2 sunny side up eggs, banana fries and chorizo rice

breakfast at Spanggo in Roxas City

Please check out my separate post for the complete Spanggo Cafe & Pasalubong Menu.

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Contact number: 036-522 8848
Budget: starts at 200 Php

Visiting Roxas City? Hotel online booking here.