7 Best Hotels in Tagaytay City Philippines

Located in Cavite, Tagaytay city is just few hours away from Manila. Its proximity from the bustling Manila makes this city the most popular travel destination in the south.  Apart from its location, Tagaytay city is known for its cold weather and not to mention its various tourists attractions such as Residence Inn Zoo, Tagaytay People’s Park, Skyranch and Picnic Grove.

Tagaytay City will also fulfill your gastronomic adventures. Don’t miss their delicious bulalo in Mahogany Market  and nearby South Streat Gourmand Food Park and Twin Lakes. And of course scenic views of Taal volcano which can be enjoyed through various restaurants and hotels in the city.

If you are visiting Tagaytay, here are the 7 best hotels in Tagaytay that will truly make your vacation memorable:

1. Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel is the most popular luxurious Tagaytay hotel in this list. Rooms provide guests with mountain view or lake view. On lake wing, you can choose from a two-bedroom deluxe suite, premier queen, deluxe king, deluxe queen, premier king and Batangas suite, On the other hand,  mountain wing rooms consist of one-bedroom deluxe suite, superior twin, superior king, premier room-mountain wing, deluxe ridge, deluxe king, Taal suite and Tagaytay suite.

Taal Vista Hotel
Taal Vista Hotel

Guests at Taal Vista Hotel will enjoy a showcase of Filipino folkloric dance every Fridays to Sundays at 12:30 PM. The hotel also has a souvenir shop called Culture Butik for those who want to bring home Filipino souvenir items.

Taal Vista Hotel has an outdoor  pool, garden, gym, view deck and a recreation facility.

Room price starts at 5,200 Php. You may book your Taal Vista Hotel room HERE or HERE at a discounted rate.

2. Lee Boutique Hotel

If you are into small and more private hotels, Lee Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to spend your night in Tagaytay. Accommodations in this chic and hip hotel are superior room, deluxe room, executive room, regency king, junior suite, 2 bedroom suite and family room.

Lee Boutique Hotel
Lee Boutique Hotel

It is highly recommended to try their delicious special tapa and boneless bangus.

Room rates start at 2,515 Php. Book your Lee Boutique Hotel room at a discounted price HERE or HERE.

3. Discovery Country Suites

Discovery Country Suites belongs to the most-coveted Travelers’ Choice 2017 of TripAdvisor.

Discovery Country Suites
Discovery Country Suites

This hotel offers luxurious lobby and suites with a panoramic views of Taal volcano.  Accommodations in this high-end Tagaytay Hotel include an English themed Oxford suite, Nantucket Suite and Nara suite. Room rates start at 6,500 Php a night.

Book a Discovery Country Suites room at a discounted price HERE or HERE.

4. Nurture Wellness Village

If you want relaxation and rejuvination, Nurture Wellness Village is the perfect Tagaytay hotel for you. Nurture Wellness Village offer various services including Filipino Spa & pampering, corporate wellness (business and team building venue), wedding and intimate event venue, detox & holistic weight loss and other holistic health services.

Nurture Wellness Village
Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village was awarded Certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor from 2014 to 2016.

Accommodations in this unique Tagytay hotel include Ifugao spa suites (7,900 Php), Superior garden view room (6,200 Php) , Deluxe forrest view room (7,900 Php) and the Family room (2,500 Php).

Discounted Nurture Wellness Village room rates HERE.

5. T House

T House
T House

T House is one among the few Tagaytay hotels with modern architecture and vibe. This hotel boasts its restaurant with locally sourced food. On their menu are Filipino dishes to Asian cuisine. All ingredients used on their menu are locally sources from neighbouring farms.

Accommodations at T House are Garden room (4,850 Php), Courtyard room (5,200 Php), Luxe room (5,950 Php), Serenity suite (6,800 Php), Serenity balcony suite (7,200 Php).

T House discounted room rates HERE.

6. The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay´s Medditeranean-inspired structure makes it unique among other hotels in the city. Rooms in The Lake Hotel are standard, superior, deluxe, deluxe lake view, junior suite, one bedroom suite and two bedroom suite.

Among the many facilities are indoor pool, Shamble garden, Lake Cafe restaurant, bar and kiddie playroom.

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay
The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

Book your discounted The Lake Hotel Tagaytay room HERE.

7. Domicillo Design Hotel

Domicillo Design Hotel
Domicillo Design Hotel

Last on our list is Domicillo Design Hotel. This hotel reminds me of BRblock Boutique and Residences in Makati City, minimalist, industrial and modern. What makes Domicillo Design Hotel unique is its refreshing ambiance. The lush greens in the garden is truly relaxing.

Book your discounted Domicillo Design hotel room HERE.




South Streat Gourmand Container Park Tagaytay – Sta. Rosa Road

South Streat Facade

South Streat Gourmand Container Park along  Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay Road is the newest food destination in the south.  This food park is a new branch of the famous Streat Maginhawa Food Park in Quezon City.

South Streat Facade
South Streat Facade

How to get to  South Streat Gourmand Container Park

South Streat Gourmand Container park is located in Silang, Cavite. It just a few minute drive away from Nuvali. If you are travelling to Tagaytay City and is taking the usual  Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay route, you will pass by this food haven.  So, for your next Tagaytay road and food trip with your friends, skip Nuvali for your stopover and go straight ahead to South Streat Gourmand Container Park.

South Streat Gourmand Container Park location map

Luckily, my sister who lives in the area brought us to South Streat Gourmand Container Park. It was Saturday night and we were surprised that almost all of the parking spaces were occupied. For a food park which is relatively new, I should say that South Streat Gourmand Park is becoming a popular food destination not only to the villagers in the area but also to tourists visiting Tagaytay.

Cool, hip and fun food Park

The food park’s eye-catching facade is truly inviting especially for first time visitors. It looks very cool, hip and a fun food park.  In fact, most of the visitors take their selfies and groupies by the facade and right inside the food park.


A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

The entire food park is quite small. You can stroll around the area in just 15 minutes. Nonetheless, the seats where visitors can dine are very creative and artistic and so as the stall designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stalls in South Streat Container Park

Once you get inside, there is a wide array of food stalls to choose from. From street foods to rice meals, South Streatfood Container Park will truly satisfy your gastronomic needs. If you love Japanese food, there is Spice Heaven Meal. For pasta lovers, Che Buona offers various pasta dishes. Sucre’s unique serving of mouthwatering ice cream is instagram worthy. For nutella lovers, visit Crazytella. If you want to stick to the traditional pinoy food, go to Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Cebu Lechon. Quench your thirst with various Pinoy drinks of Juan Sago. Here’s the complete list of stalls in South streatfood container park:

  • Above Sea Level
  • US Roast Beef
  • Che Buona Pasta
  • Rockin’ Ribs
  • Greek Streets
  • Bowled Move
  • Gouphog Sizzlers
  • One Potato Two Potato
  • Rosita’s Mexican streetfood
  • Crazytella
  • Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Cebu Lechon
  • Starr Studded
  • Hafa x Loha
  • Juan Sago
  • Foxtrot & Echo
  • Spice Heaven Meal
  • Squeezed
  • Xurreria
  • Chi Maek

Spice Heaven Meal, Sucre, Squeezed

Since we visited on a Saturday evening, the food park was a bit crowded. We were lucky enough to have spotted 2 vacant tables in front of Spice Heaven Meal, a stall offering Japanese food. We did not hesitate to try their shrimp tempura with rice (150 Php) and pork tonkatsu meal (175 Php).

A post shared by Ed Puno (@onearmedwanderer) on

The young guy manning outside the stall was very kind and accommodating. He even assisted my sister by giving her options for the dishes. We loved their pork tonkatsu. The tempura was okay and just right for the price.

We also bought a burger at Foxtrot & Echo (120 Php)


Ice cream at Sucre (120 Php).

ice cream
ice cream

For our drinks, we bought lemonade at Squeezed (65 Php).



Me with my nephews, my sister and Jen
Me with my nephews, my sister and Jen

Overall, we enjoyed our visit at the South Streat Gourmand Container Park. Food prices may not be super cheap for budget travelers, nonetheless, food are good. If given the chance, I would definitely return and try other stalls.

Budget: 150 Php to 350 Php per person

Schedule: The South Streat Gourmand Container Park open daily from 4pm and closes at 11:30pm

If you are visiting Tagaytay, do not skip South Streat Gourmand Container Park. This food place is truly a must try!

Tip: Make sure to book your Tagaytay hotel ahead of time as hotels get fully book especially during weekends. Discounted Tagaytay hotel rates HERE. You may also want to check my post about 7 Best Hotels in Tagaytay City.

Do Not Visit Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky Until You Read This

Old structure tagaytay people's park in the sky

Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky is located in the summit of Mt.Gozales in Tagaytay City, Cavite. The park was originally an unfinished mansion known as the Palace In the sky which was built during the Marcos era. What’s left today is the unfinished and rusting structure of the supposedly mansion.

During our second day in Tagaytay, Jen and I left Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast early to catch the sunrise at Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky. We arrived at the park at around 6:30 AM and soon found out that it opens at 7:30 AM. As we waited, tourists started pouring in. We ended up falling in line as the park opens.

Schedule: opens everday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

People's park tagaytay entrance
Park Entrance

Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky Entrance Fee

I was surprised that the park has a 30 Php entrance fee. Aren’t public park supposed to be free? Among all the Philippine public parks I’ve visited, it was only Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky chargers entrance fee, I told my company Jen. We proceeded anyway thinking that the entrance fee might be for the maintenance of the park.

Just behind the park’s gate are jeepneys that bring visitors to the highest point of People’s Park in the Sky. Fee is 5 Php each and 40 Php for special trip. Alternatively, you can walk on your way up to the peak.

Since the park just opened and the jeepney that brings guests to the peak was fully occupied, Jen and I decided to walk. While walking uphill, I noticed a number guests taking groupies and selfies with the plain view as their background. At that point, I was just focused on reaching the highest peak. I did not stop to take any photos as there was no Instagram worthy view.

People's park tagaytay city
Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love

We reached the Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love. Built in 1974 and was formally inaugurated by Bishop Luis Tagle in 2003,  the shrine is one among the most photographed spot in the park.

Cottages at People's Park in the
If you get tired and hungry, there are a number of stores selling drinks and snacks.

I was dismayed that the use of cottages are charged 100 Php given that this is a people’s park.

Old structure tagaytay people's park in the sky
Old Structure
Jen and I continued walking uphill until we reached this rustic old structure which is supposedly the unfinished “Palace in the Sky”. Well, the structure looks old and abandoned but it I actually liked it. It looks hunted but can be a good location for professional photo shoots.

The Views From Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky

As we entered the structure, we were welcomed by the beautiful panoramic view of Tagaytay.

Beautiful view Peoples park tagaytay philippines

The breathtaking panoramic view compensated my earlier disappointments with Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky.

If you are looking for activities, there is nothing much to do in People’s Park in the Sky. Well, except for sightseeing and having your photo taken while riding a horse for 20 Php.

How to get to Tagaytay People’s Park the Sky?
commute: From Tagaytay circle, take jeepneys bound to the park. Fare is 17 Php.
by car: From Tagaytay circle, head to northeast of Tagaytay via Tagaytay-Calamba road.

People’s Park in the Sky Map

Well, I should say that expected too much before visiting Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky. There are fees everywhere.  From the parking to the entrance and even the use of their cottages were a bit off. The park could have been better if there is a proper maintenance and efforts to improve the place.  The only highlight of our Tagaytay People’s Park in the Sky tour were the beautiful views.

Visiting Tagaytay? Online hotel booking here.


Where to Eat Cheap Bulalo in Tagaytay?

Where to eat bulalo in tagaytay city

Looking for a place to eat the cheapest yet delicious Bulalo in Tagaytay? Skip the famous and fancy restaurants as Tagaytay’s Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan is the right stop if you are on a budget.

tagaytay Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan

Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan is located along Mahogany Avenue and is just few minute drive from Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.

Tagaytay Mahogany Market Map

Since I have visited Mahogany Market back in 2013 and I knew that it was the best place to eat affordable yet delicious Bulalo in Tagaytay, I didn’t hesitate to suggest the place to Jen (my Tagaytay travel buddy) for our dinner.  We left Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast and immediately headed to Mahogay Market.

Upon reaching the Mahogany Market, I was surprised that the food stalls offering delicious Bulalo have been transferred to a new building. The entire market has expanded and now has ample parking space for visitors.

Tip: Parking easily gets occupied during weekends. If you are having dinner at Mahogany Market, I would highly recommend to visit at around 8 PM or 9 PM.

The fresh meat market is now located on the ground of the 2-storey building. On the second floor are the wide array of Bulalohans.

Barboza’s at Mahogany Market

Mahogany Market tagaytay

I blogged about the Barboza’s Kitchenette in Mahogany Market in 2013. I told Jen that we’ll have to look for Barboza’s kitchenette stall as I wanted to meet the owners who commented and invited me to visit their stall again. Well, that was in 2013, 3 years have passed and the entire Mahogany Market has changed a lot! As we reached the second floor, we easily spotted Barboza’s kitchenette. Unfortunately the owners were not around when we visited Barboza’s.

We ordered bulalo, crispy crablets and crispy shripms.

cheap bulalo in Tagaytay
Bulalo at Barboza’s Kitchenette Mahogany Markot – 350 Php
After 3 years, it was surprising that the price of Bulalo at Barboza’s did not change! At 350 Php, an order of bulalo in Mahogany Market is undoubtedly the cheapest bulalo in Tagaytay!  Since we were only two, we were overwhelmed by the generous serving which is actually good for 6 persons.

Tip: Bulalohans in Mahogany Market Tagaytay do not serve single bulalo meals. So better bring your friends or be overwhelmed with the huge serving of their bulalo.

Crispy Crablets Tagaytay
Crispy Crablets – 200 Php
The crispy crablets was okay and could have been better if they were carefully chosen . There were a couple of crabs on the serving that were no longer “crablets”.

Tip: Expect some sort of odd smell in the area since bulalohans at Mahogany Market are just above the beef market and is nearby the cow slaughter-house. Nonetheless, the smell is tolerable.

Crispy Shrimps at Mahogany
Crispy shrimps – 200 Php
I loved the crispy shrimps! It was perfectly cooked, very tasty and crispy!

Cheap Bulalo… but the rest?

Jen and I did not bother to ask for the prices since we were confident that items on their menu are cheaply priced. The bill surprised us. We felt that the crispy crablets and shrimps were a bit overpriced. Well,  our orders were actually good for 6 persons and we barely consumed everything. If we were six, the 890 bill could have been 149 Php each.

Bulalo – 350 Php
Crispy crablets – 200 Php
Crispy shrimps – 200 Php
2 rice – 40 Php
1.5 litre coke – 100 Php

Total – 890 Php

If you are looking for the cheapest yet delicious bulalo in Tagaytay, I would definitely recommend Mahogany Market! Just make sure to bring your friends or family with you as the servings are generous and the Mahogany Market bulalo experience is better when shared. Visiting Tagaytay? Book your Tagaytay hotel here.

Budget Hotel in Tagaytay: Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast

Crisanta's Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay Philippines

Since Jen (my Tagaytay travel buddy) and I were on a tight budget, we have set our target to book the cheapest yet decent accommodation for our overnight stay in Tagaytay.  We started strolling around the city and  came across a couple of hotels, inns and motels, ranging from 800 Php (non-airconditioned rooms) to 1,400 Php (airconditioned rooms).  We tried to check as many inns as we could and soon decided that the most decent and cheapest place to stay was Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast.


Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast is located along Nasugbu-Tagaytay road and is right across one of the tourist destination in Tagaytay, The Residence Inn Zoo or Zoori.

Due to its affordability,  Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast easily gets fully-booked during weekends. We arrived at Crisanta’s at noon and was advised by Che, the hotel’s receptionist, that rooms will be available at 5:00 PM. Since it was only our choice of accommodation, Jen and I decided to visit Twin Lakes while waiting for the check-in time.

Cheap tagaytay lodge hotel inn
Facade of Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast (left- day shot, right-night shot)

Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast Room Rates

  • Family Room (4 pax, airconditioned, breakfast for 2) – 2,000 Php
  • Family Room B  (6 pax, non-airconditioned, breakfast for 2) – 1,500 Php
  • Standard Room A (2 pax, airconditioned, breakfast for 2) – 1,300 Php
  • Standard Room B (2 pax, airconditioned, breakfast for 2) – 1,100 Php
  • Standard Room C (2 pax, non-airconditioned, breakfast for 2) – 800 Php
  • Extra Person is charged 150 Php
  • Extra bed is charged 150 Php
  • Maximum of 2 children per room, age 7 and below are free of charge 

The Room

Room at crisanta's bed and breakfast
Standard Room B

We took the Standard Room B for only 1,100 Php. It was very clean and fairly decent. It was a typical budget traveler/solo backpacker accommodation. There is a small LCD TV serving local channels. Also, there is no wifi in the hotel but mobile data in the area if fairly good. The toilet and bath is quite spacious and clean but will give you a rustic feel. It will not be an issue for budget travelers and backpackers. We always get what we pay for, right?

The Grand Surprise

When we checked-in at around 5:00 PM, the hotel’s common area looked ordinary to me. Well, except for the grand staircase situated on the right side of the ground floor.

Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast was the cheapest yet decent accommodation we’ve found in Tagaytay and I was not really expecting something grand from it. And then the evening came. When Jen and I went out of our room, we were literally surprised by the elegance of the hotel’s common area.

Beautiful hotel lobby tagytay city

Who would have thought that a cheap hotel accommodation would have this elegant common area for their guests?

Bed and breakfast crisantas tagaytay

The hotel’s simple and ordinary ambiance during daytime surprisingly turns into an elegant and romantic area during the evening.

Complimentary Breakfast

All rooms  come with 2 complimentary breakfast served from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. As expected, just like any other hotels, the serving was not generous. Good thing we had a super early breakfast outside the hotel that morning before visiting Tagaytay’s People’s Park in the Sky. Nonetheless, the food was okay and I loved the kapeng barako they served along the meal.

Tagaytay city tour accommodation
Jen and I ordered corned beef for breakfast.

The hotel maybe understaffed but they try to do their best to serve the guests. I would commend Che, Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast receptionist, for being friendly and accommodating to us.

If you are travelling Tagaytay on a budget, I should say that Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast is the most decent among the few cheap accommodations in the city.

Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast Tagaytay Contact Number: +63 932 8657165

Unfortunately, Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast do not offer online booking. Alternatively, you can book and reserve other Tagaytay hotels here or here.

Zoo in Tagaytay: Residence Inn

cable car tagaytay zoo

Tagaytay is undeniably a popular weekend destination due to its accessibility from various cities in Manila. Apart from the cold breeze, posh hotels and mouthwatering foods, Tagaytay also has the Residence Inn zoo that anyone who is going to Tagaytay should visit.

Residence Inn zoo or Zoo at Residence Inn (ZooRI) is Located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, this zoo in Tagaytay is 33.2 Kilometer away from Sta. Rosa exit.

Residence Inn Zoo Tagaytay Map

The fun and adventure in Residence Inn zoo actually starts right outside the zoo itself! Just few steps away from the parking area, activities such as horseback riding, biking and a mini playground welcome visitors.

Horeseback riding – 150.00 Php

Biking – 30 minutes 70.00 Php – 1 hour 100.00 Php

Residence Inn Zoo entrance

Residence Inn Zoo Tagaytay Entrace Fees

Adult – 249.00 Php
Kid 3 ft. to 4 ft. – 199.00 Php
Kid below 3 ft. – Free

First stop in this Tagaytay zoo is the aquarium area. In this room showcases various species of fishes, turtles, snakes, cockroaches, spiders and scorpions.

After visiting the room filled with aquariums, guests are greeted with a huge Phython. Those who dare to have a close encounter with the Phython can have their photo taken with it for only 50 Php.

There is also a mini open air theater which showcases an animal show. Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the show as we arrived in the zoo late in the afternoon.

There is also an area where visitors can  have their photo taken with an Owl, a parrot and a huge Iguana. I was amazed how beautiful the owl is!

If you get hungry, there is the “Gazeebo”- the one and only restaurant inside the zoo and is famous for their Bulalo, Tawilis, and Chili cheese rolls. If you are dining here, make sure to dine in the open air area as you get a good view of mountains and of course the Taal lake and Taal volcano.

If you are up for an adventure, Residence Inn Zoo also has a zipline and cable car for only 150 Php. Having these activities in a zoo really makes Residence Inn unique!

If you do not want an outdoor adventure, alternatively, Residence Inn Zoo has a Mega 5D Rider. For only 95 Php you can enjoy a 5 to 6 minute ride of the film of your choice. I was wondering why the ride is called 5D, nonetheless, the ride was fun!

The main attraction of the zoo are the wild animals such as the Lions and Tigers. I was surprised that there is a number of Tigers in the zoo. Unlike the typical zoo, visitors can actually get close to the cages. It was a mixed emotion to see these beautiful creatures. I felt happy to see how huge and beautiful they are but felt sad to see them in cages. Well, I just feel grateful that they all look healthy and well taken care off. I’ve been to Manila zoo and I should say that animals in Residence Inn Zoo are way healthier that of Manila Zoo.

Other animals in this Tagaytay zoo are camel, horses, monkeys, ostrich and sheeps.

Another fun activity in the Residence Inn zoo is the birds feeding (for only 10.00 Php). You can also have your picture taken with a tiger for 50 Php.

Overall, Residence Inn zoo is a must visit attraction in Tagaytay. It is not your typical zoo as it offers various activities including up close encounters with the animals. And not to mention, all the staffs and zoo keepers are very accommodating and friendly too.  At 249.00 Php, the entrance fee is quite pricey but seeing how clean the entire zoo is and how healthy the animals are, the price is definitely worth it. This zoo in Tagaytay is so far the best zoo I’ve been in the Philippines.

Food Destination: Twin Lakes Tagaytay

twin lakes

Twin Lakes Tagaytay is the Philippines’ first and only vineyard community. Developed by Megaworld, Twin Lakes Tagaytay is a 1,300 hectare mixed use resort community that will future  European inspired residences. The first residential cluster to rise in Twin Lakes is the Vineyard Residences.

twin lakes tagaytay

Apart from the refreshing views of Taal volcano and Taal Lake, Twin Lakes  is becoming a popular destination in Tagaytay city as it is also a home of 10 must visit cafes and restaurants.

Twin Lakes Tagaytay Restaurants

  • Starbucks
  • Silver Bucket Seafood Dining
  • Amira’s Buco Tart Haus
  • Greg’s Fruitcakery
  • Santis Delicatessen
  • La Creperie
  • Bag of Beans, coffee Shop and Bakery
  • Bagoong Club Resto
  • Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro
  • The Farm Organics

Starbucks Twin Lakes

Starbucks in Twin Lakes Tagaytay is pegged as the most beautiful Starbucks store in the Philippines.

twin lakes

Visitors checking out the modern architecture of Twin Lakes restaurants.

How to Get There

Located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hiway in Alfonso, Cavite, Twin Lakes Tagaytay is 30 minute away drive from Tagaytay’s People Park in the Sky and an hour and a half drive if you are coming from Sta. Rosa exit.

Twin Lakes Tagaytay Location Map

If you are visiting the south, I would highly recommend Twin Lakes! The place is relatively new and not as populated as other food destinations in Tagaytay. The views of Taal Lake, Taal Volcano and not to mention Tagaytay’s cool breeze is definitely a plus!

Bulalo at Mahogany Market Tagaytay

Aside from its cold weather, Tagaytay is also famous for its Bulao – a famous Filipino dish made up of beef shanks and marrow bones boiled with veggies.

If you are looking for an affordable Bulalo experience in Tagaytay, Mahogany Market is the perfect place.  Just across the market offering fresh beef is an array of food stalls offering local delicacies including Filipino’s all time favorite and most favored – Bulalo. 

We arrived at Mahogany Market at around 9:00 PM and since there are approximately a dozen of food stalls, we tried to look around and find the best food stall in the area.  Well, they all look the same and appear to offer exactly the same menu.  The question is which offers the best Bulalo?  There was a vendor who kept on peddling her Espasol when we arrived at Mahogany Market, we asked her and she recommended Barboza’s Kitchenette.

Cheap Bulalo in tagaytay
tagaytay bulalo at mahogany market
350 Php – Special Bulalo at Barboza’s Kitchenette in Mahogany Market, Tagaytay
Serving: 5 in our case lol.. but the serving is generous and it’s actually good for 6 – 8 persons 
Special Bulalo at Leslie’s and Josephine restaurant – Tagaytay’s famous Bulalo houses are priced at P450 up.  Well, that makes Mahogany Market’s Bulalo more affordable.
crispy shrimp filipino dish
We also ordered Crispy fried shrimps.  A perfect combination with Bulalo’s hot and rich flavored soup.  I super loved this dish!
filipino dish caldereta
Pinapaitan – An exotic Filipino dish made up of cow or goat innards.  I never tried this dish since I’m not really a fan of this exotic delicacy.
affordable place to eat in tagaytay city
At 900 Php, we had a sumptuous dinner at Barboza’s Kitchenette, Mahogany Market
1 Special Bulalo
2 Crispy Shrimp 
1 Caldereta
1 Papaitan
12 Rice (We’re only five lol)
1 1.5 Coke
Barboza’s Kitchenette also offers unlimited banana to its diners.