Where to eat Authentic Japanese Food in Makati? Little Tokyo

If you are a food adventurer, you must have tried a number of food places and food parks in the metro. If you particularly love Japanese food, there is a compound packed with authentic Japanese restaurants right in the middle of the busy and bustling Makati City – Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo Makati City Philippines

Little Tokyo Makati City Philippines

Little Tokyo Makati Location

This must visit food place is located in Chino Roces corner Fernando street in Makati City. Being in the central business district, Little Tokyo is very accessible and is near to various offices and malls.

Little Tokyo Makati Philippines

Little Tokyo Makati Philippines

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Japanese Feels

As expected, once you enter Little Tokyo, you will feel like you are on a different place. The restaurant’s facade along tables and chairs in the al fresco area give Japanese feels to visitors and diners.

Little Tokyo Restaurants

  • Oishinbo
  • Nodasho
  • Riozen
  • Hana
  • Kagura
  • Urameshiya
  • Oishinbo
  • Yamazaki
  • Bunchum
  • Shinjuku Ramen
  • Kikufuji
  • Chotto Stop
  • Sekitori

Jen and I arrived a bit late for dinner. We were clueless where to eat as all restaurants seem to offer same menu of authentic Japanese food. We initially checked-out 2 restaurants and ended up dining at Oishinbo.

Dinner at Oishinbo Restaurant

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Makati

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Makati

Among all restaurants in Little Tokyo, Oishinbo has the most eye-catching facade. I must admit that it’s facade was our deciding factor in choosing Oishinbo for our first Little Tokyo visit.

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Interiors

Oishinbo Little Tokyo Interiors

To me, the restaurant’s interiors look a bit old. Oishinbo has this feel you get when you visit old restaurants in Manila’s China Town. Nonetheless, the restaurant is air-conditioned and very clean. As for the restaurant’s set-up, there are a couple of tables for groups. There is also a bar table for solo diners.

Oishinbo Menu

On their menu are Chuhai, Toriaezu, Yakitori, Nabemono, Kuysikatu, Sashimi, Sushi and Yakimono. If you drink, they offer Japanese beers such as Kirin beer and Asahibeer.

For the complete Oishinobo Menu, visit the links below:

Since it was our first time dining in Little Tokyo particularly in Oishinbo, we tried Japanese dishes that are familiar to us. We ordered Yakisoba and Pork Tonkatsu.

Pork Tonkatsu Little Tokyo

Pork Tonkatsu Little Tokyo

I was surprised the moment pork tonkatsu was served! I should say that the serving was good for two. The cut of pork tonkatsu is thick. Not the typical cut you get when dining in other Japanese restaurants. Along with the miso soup, rice, vegetables and Japanese potato salad, I should say that the serving is generous!

I personally loved the Japanese potato salad. As for the Yakisoba, it was a bit salty for our taste. Nonetheless, it was good.

Overall, our Little Tokyo experience was good. Oishinbo’s serving was generous and just right for the price. We will definitely return to search for the best Ramen in Little Tokyo. If you love Japanese food, Little Tokyo in Makati is worth a try!

  • Schedule: Little Tokyo Makati is open everyday from 11 AM and closes at 10 PM.
  • Contact Number: 02 8195008


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