Paradise Island Resort in Samal Island, Davao + Review, Room Rates, Tips

Samal Island is located in the province of Davao del Norte in Philippines. Also known as the Island City Garden of Samal, this island is just 2 kilometers away from Davao city proper. With its proximity to the city, Samal island is the most visited tourist attraction in Davao region.

Samal island is said to be the largest resort city in the Philippines. With its beautiful white sand beaches and various beach resorts, Samal island is a perfect getaway for beach lovers. If you are visiting the island, Samal’s most popular beach resort is Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort.

Beach front of Paradise Island Samal

Beach front of Paradise Island Samal

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is the most popular resort in the island. Being the most accessible resort, Paradise Island is the most visited resort among locals and tourists alike. Also, locals say that Paradise island has the most beautiful beach front among the long list of affordable beach resorts in Samal.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

How to Get to Paradise Island Davao

Getting to Paradise Island is a breeze. If you are coming from Davao airport or to any point in Davao City, just ride a taxi and inform the driver to bring you to the port going to Paradise Island. Note that there is a public port to Samal Island and there is a port exclusively for Paradise Island guests. Inform the taxi driver to bring you to the latter. In the port, exclusive boat transfers are available at an affordable price.

Boat Transfer Rates

  • Regular rate – 20 Php
  • Senior Citizen/PWD – 15 Php
  • Below 2 yrs. old & infants – free

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort Rates

sunset view of Davao City from Paradise island

sunset view of Davao City from Paradise island

This Samal island beach resort offers various rates depending on your budget. If you are on a budget and wants to stay overnight, a beach overnight stay would cost you only 350 Php. If you have spare money, you can enjoy their luxurious Premier Room for two at only 4,000 Php. For those who are pressed of time, day tour rates are also available.  For the complete rates, please see list below:

Paradise Island Samal Room Rates – including entrance fee

  • Premier Room – 4,000 Php
  • Deluxe Room – 3,700 Php
  • Family Room (minimum of 20 PAX and maximum of 40 PAX) – 800 Php / PAX
  • *extra person – 350 Php
  • *extra bed – 400 Php

Day Tour Rate – 200 Php

Beach Overnight – 350 Php

Tip: Instead of booking directly to the resort, we booked online and enjoyed almost 300 Php off on Paradise Island’s Deluxe Room. Get huge discounts on your Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort stay HERE.

Superb Customer Service

Paradise Island Reception

Paradise Island Reception

I should say that I did not expect regarding the resort’s customer service. The room rates are indication that were are staying in a mid-range resort where customer service are usually okay-ish. Well, I was wrong.

The moment we arrived in the resort, we were immediately assisted by one of the staff. He carried our heavy backpacks and assisted us to the reception area. Since we booked our room an hour before arriving in the resort, our reservation was not in the resort’s system yet. While waiting, they served us welcome drinks. We waited for less than 30 minutes and were assisted by the resort’s staff to our Deluxe Room.

Throughout our stay in the resort, we felt very special. Each and every staff we bump into genuinely and warmly greeted us. The staff in Kaanan, the resort’s restaurant are very welcoming and accommodating. The VIP treatment starts the moment you step into the resort’s property.

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Deluxe Room – More of a Villa Than a Room

Deluxe Room Paradise Island

Deluxe Room Paradise Island

Well, the Deluxe Room was another surprise! I was literally expecting a room but it was actually a villa. Just like other villas, the entire place is surrounded by trees and plants. Truly relaxing! There is a walkway leading you to the gate of the fenced villa.  I personally love the privacy you get due to the fenced lawn.

The villa itself has a veranda with a wooded dinette set. You get a mix or modern and Filipiniana vibe as entire structure is concrete yet has Filipino touch. There are light bulbs covered in Capiz shells and portions of walls are covered in ‘banig’.

*Banig is a handwoven mat made of dried leaves. These are usually used for sleeping in the Philippines. 

Tip: Note that not all Deluxe rooms are villa-type. There are rooms located on the rear area of the resort’s properties which are duplex-type. Make sure to ask the reception if villa-type rooms are available during your check-in.

Simple, Classy and Elegant

Duluxe Room

Duluxe Room

Inside the villa, you get the same vibe. The interiors are consistent with the modern Filipiana theme. There are portions in the walls with *banig frames. The white walls accentuated by dark brown furnitures and fixtures make the entire room look classy and elegant.

The entire room is very clean and spacious. The comfortable bed and pillows in white linens and pillow cases are something you experience when you visit high-end hotels. There is a vanity area than can also serve as a work area. No need to worry about your clothes as there is a floor to ceiling dresser with a safety box deposit.

The toilet & bath is also very clean and spacious. Paradise Island toiletries such as toilet papers, soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and cotton buds are provided. The toilet and the bath areas are separated by a shower curtain. My only rant is the toilet lacking bidet. Nonetheless, the water pressure is not an issue for a relaxing hot and cold shower.

Overall, the entire room is very simple, clean, elegant and classy.


Here is the short video of our Premier Room in Paradise Island:

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is not just for beach lovers. What sets  Paradise island resort apart from other Samal island resorts are the fun-filled and educational activities guests get to experience in the resort.

Ameneties, Activities and Events in Paradise Island

Birds of Paradise – This attraction showcases various birds such as pigeons, parrots, eagles, lorries, hornbills, lovebirds and doves. During our visit, we have also seen other animal creatures such as snake and deers.

Children’s Playground – This area in the resort is truly a paradise for kids and kids at heart!


Jen enjoying in the playground

Kananan – Kananan means ‘a place to eat’. It is a spacious dining area by the beach giving guests panoramic views of Davao City, Davao Gulf and Mount Apo.

Restaurant at Paradise Island Resort Davao

Restaurant at Paradise Island Resort Davao

During our stay, we had our snacks, dinner and breakfast at Kananan – the resort’s one and only restaurant.

To me, their menu are a bit pricey. Nonetheless, food taste good. For their complete menu, please see links below:

Menu 1, 2, 3 & 4

Tip: Note that food and drinks are strictly prohibited when checking-in at any room in Paradise island. For breakfast and dinner, Kananan is the go-to place of guests in the resort.  However, Bringing food is allowed to guest staying overnight by the beach. There are guests who usually spend the night on cottages and tents. Their dining area is separate from the Kananan’s area.

Souvenir Shop – This is a mini store offering beach items and souvenirs. The resort’s souvenir shop also operates the recreational games and water sports.

Recreational Games – If you are visiting with your friends, enjoy various recreational activities such as billiards, ping-pong, beach volleyball, darts and table soccer.


  • Darts – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Billiards – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Pingpong – 40 Php for 30 minutes
  • Table Soccer – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Giant Chess – 50 Php for 30 minutes
  • Volleyball – 50 Php for 30 minutes

Water Sports – Adventure seeker? Paradise Island will not disappoint you! They offer kayaking, power paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more water sports activities!




  • Kayak (single) – 90 Php for 30 minutes
  • Kayak (double) – 15 Php for 30 minutes
  • Power Paddler (small) – 120 Php for 30 minutes
  • Power Paddler (big) – 150 Php for 30 minutes

Spa – If you want to relax and rejuvinate, Paradise island has alimaspa. They offer whole body, head and foot massage. Room service is also available.


  • Badan (whole body massage) – 500 Php per hour
  • U’o (head massage) – 400 Php per hour
  • Siki (foot massage) – 400 Php per hour

Samal Island Tour – If you want to further explore Samal Island, Paradise Island also offers ‘Experience Samal’ island tour. Destinations include Bat Cave, Hagimit falls and Citrus farm. The tour costs 1,750 Php for a maximum of 8 persons. For more information and tour reservation, contact 0920 9813486 or (082) 2845730.

Sounds and Sights of Paradise – Your Paradise Island Davao stay becomes more exciting and memorable with its various shows such as Fire Show, Harana Serenade, Live Band and Sirko atbp.

During our visit to the resort, we were lucky to have witnessed the live band, fire show and circus (sirko atbp.)

Fire Dance

Fire Dance


  • Fire Show – 7 PM
  • Live Band – 11 AM and 7 PM
  • Circus (sirko atbp.) – 12:15 PM (weekends and holidays)
circus at Paradise Island

circus at Paradise Island

Other tips:

  • As expected, the resort may be a bit crowded during summer time. April-May.
  • To avoid hassles, book your Paradise Island room ahead of time. Discounted room rates HERE.
  • To witness the circus, it is recommended to visit the island during weekends or holidays.
  • Bring enough money before going to Paradise island. There is no ATM in the resort.
  • If you are on a budget, do not order drinks in the resort’s restaurant. They serve service water.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Paradise island park and beach resort. The entire resort is clean and well-maintained. Villas are simple but classy. And of course, customer service is superb! Being a first timer in the beautiful Samal island, the experience was really good. I would definitely return to this Samal island beach resort the next time I visit Davao!

Paradise Island Samal Davao

  • Contact Numbers: (+63 82) 233-0251, 234-1229, 300-2343
  • Cheap online booking HERE.


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