Royal Park Hotel Boracay – Blog Review + Discounted Room Rates

Royal Park Hotel, also known as Royal Park Resort, is one among the long list of beachfront hotels in Boracay island.

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Facade

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Facade

Strategic Location

Royal Park Hotel is strategically located as it is situated in the border of Station 1 and Station 2 of Boracay’s white sand beach. Guests at Royal Park Hotel get to enjoy the proximity of various bars and restaurants in Station 2. It is also a few minute walk from D’ Mall, D’ Market and D’ Talipapa.

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Royal Park Resort beachfront, Facade and Lobby

Royal Park Hotel Boracay beachfrontbeachfront

Royal Park Hotel has an elevated private space right in front of the property where beach beds are located. I personally love this elevated space as it serves as an area where guests can enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking view of the beach. The property also has coconut tress which adds up to the tropical feel and vibe of the area.

Royal Park Hotel boracay lobby

Royal Park Hotel boracay lobby

The lobby is simple and homey. We felt like we were just visiting a house of a friend or a relative.

Upon entering the Royal Park Hotel, we were warmly greeted by the receptionist. I handed the soft copy of our Agoda booking confirmation slip and our booking was immediately confirmed after few minutes. We were asked by the receptionist to sit for the welcome drinks. We were really surprised that Royal Park Hotel offers welcome drinks! Coming from a luxurious stay at Henann Prime Beach Resort, I have to admit that I did not really expect too much from Royal Park Hotel. But the welcome drinks was really surprising and made us feel important.

Royal Park Hotel Room Rates

Low Season rates (June 1 to November 30)

  • Single Room (2 PAX) – 4,500 Php
  • Standard Room (2 to 3 PAX) – 5,000 Php
  • Family Deluxe (4 PAX) – 6,000 Php
  • Hollow Suite (4 PAX)  – 7,500 Php
  • Suite (2 PAX) – 8,000 Php
  • Executive Suite (2 PAX) – 9,000 Php
  • extra PAX – 500 Php
  • extra bed – 1,000 Php

High Season rates (December 1 to May 30)

  • Single Room (2 PAX) – 5,500 Php
  • Standard Room (2 to 3 PAX) – 6,500 Php
  • Family Deluxe (4 PAX) – 7,500 Php
  • Hollow Suite (4 PAX)  – 8,500 Php
  • Suite (2 PAX) – 9,000 Php
  • Executive Suite (2 PAX) – 10,000 Php
  • extra PAX – 500 Php
  • extra bed – 1,000 Php

Discounted Royal Park Hotel Room Rates!

After enjoying our 2 nights stay at Henann Prime Beach Resort, we transffered at Royal Park Hotel. We were very lucky to have booked a Family Deluxe room at a discounted rate. We booked it for only 2,600 Php instead of the 6,000 Php published rate. Thanks to Agoda!

Tip: You may book your discounted Royal Park Hotel room HERE.

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Family Room at Royal Park Hotel, Station 1 Boracay

Our room was room number 1, technically the nearest to the beachfront. Surprisingly, the family room at Royal Park Hotel is very spacious. It comes with 2 double beds, spacious toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, LCD cable TV, dresser, air-conditioning unit and a dinette set. There are no complimentary bottled water but a pitcher of cold purified water is provided when you arrive.

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Family Room

Royal Park Hotel Boracay Family Room

The double beds are okay. Not the type you get to experience in high-end hotels but are comfortable enough for a good night sleep.

Overall, I should say that the room is clean and simple. The room’s classy furnitures and fixtures are indication that the Royal Park Hotel was once a high-end hotel in Boracay. The rustic feel reminds be of cheap and affordable hotels I’ve been to on my previous travels.

Being in the border of Stations 1 and 2, Royal Park Hotel’s facade and beachfront may tend to become crowded. Tourists walking from station 2 to station 1 pass along the beachfront of the hotel. If you are after peaceful and serene beachfront, I would not recommend Royal Park Hotel. However, if you are going to Boracay to party, shop and fulfill your gastronomic adventures, this is the best hotel due to its proximity to bars, shops and restaurants.

Royal Park Resort / Royal Park Hotel

  • Address: Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island
  • E-mail reservation:
  • Contact number: 036 288 6677
  • Discounted room rates HERE.


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