Where to book hotels online in the Philippines?

Being home of the 7,107 islands, the Philippines is blessed with beautiful tourists destinations. On top of the list is the breathtaking island of Boracay. Palawan, Bohol and Davao are also popular travel destination in the country. If you are visiting these destinations or any other provinces in the Philippines, it is highly recommended to book your hotel or accommodation ahead of time. Hotels in these destinations easily get fully book especially during peak season.

Where to book hotels online in the Philippines?

Today, there are various online booking sites that provides your hotel and accommodation options prior to your travel. As a travel blogger, I have tried various hotel online booking sites. I should say that I have not encountered any issues booking my hotel or accommodation prior to my trips. I highly recommend Travelbook.ph online hotel booking site for several reasons.

3 Reasons why I recommend Travelbook.ph

1. Cheaper Hotel Rates

All online booking sites claim that they offer rooms at a discounted rate. Based on my experience there were instances where the published hotel rate is the same with what other online booking sites offer. What I love about Travelbook.ph is that when they say discounted rates, they mean it. So far, Travelbook.ph is the most consistent and has the best hotel rates among other online hotel booking site there is today.

Apart from the discounted rates published in Travelbook.ph, an automatic voucher code will be generated in your booking. Thus, you will see how much additional savings you get in your hotel. That is on top of the discounted rates!

F1 Hotel Manila

F1 Hotel Manila

Who would have thought that we paid around 4,320 Php instead of 11,000 Php published rate for an overnight stay at F1 Hotel Manila?

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2. No credit card needed, pay at hotel

Another feature of Travelbook.ph I love is the no credit card needed, pay at the hotel. Unlike other hotel online booking sites, it is only Travelbook.ph that will let you book your hotel without using a credit card. This is perfect to those who do not have credit card or to those who are afraid for their credit card details to be compromised online. Do not get me wrong, Travelbook.ph site is very safe and secure!

3. Earn points for every booking!

Aside from the discounted rates and automatic discount voucher, you also get points for every booking you make at Travelbook.ph. This is another first of its kind feature for a hotel online booking site. The points you will be earning for a booking depends on the price of the hotel you booked. The more expensive the more points you get. A point is equivalent to 1 php.  What’s exciting about this is you get to spend the points for your succeeding hotel online booking!

I booked a boutique hotel in Dumaguete City for only 362.66 Php instead of 2,600 Php! How? 2,600 Php (Travelbook.ph discounted price) less 1,728 Php (points I earned on my previous Travelbook.ph hotel bookings).

There are indeed many hotels online booking websites. Most of which are globally popular and offers hotel rates worldwide. Apart from the 3 reasons I mentioned in this article, Travelbook.ph only offers hotels, accommodations, resorts and lodgings in the Philippines. They focus in giving the best hotel rates for travelers visiting any part of the Philippines. Truly a great deal not only for business or leisure travelers but also for backpackers. This exclusivity makes Travelbook.ph stand-out among other online booking sites.

Established in 2013, Travelbook.ph maybe the youngest in the hotel online booking world but it offers the biggest hotel discounts in the Philippines!

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