Where to Eat Cheap Bulalo in Tagaytay?

Looking for a place to eat the cheapest yet delicious Bulalo in Tagaytay? Skip the famous and fancy restaurants as Tagaytay’s Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan is the right stop if you are on a budget.

tagaytay Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan

Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan is located along Mahogany Avenue and is just few minute drive from Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.

Tagaytay Mahogany Market Map

Since I have visited Mahogany Market back in 2013 and I knew that it was the best place to eat affordable yet delicious Bulalo in Tagaytay, I didn’t hesitate to suggest the place to Jen (my Tagaytay travel buddy) for our dinner.  We left Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast and immediately headed to Mahogay Market.

Upon reaching the Mahogany Market, I was surprised that the food stalls offering delicious Bulalo have been transferred to a new building. The entire market has expanded and now has ample parking space for visitors.

Tip: Parking easily gets occupied during weekends. If you are having dinner at Mahogany Market, I would highly recommend to visit at around 8 PM or 9 PM.

The fresh meat market is now located on the ground of the 2-storey building. On the second floor are the wide array of Bulalohans.

Barboza’s at Mahogany Market

Mahogany Market tagaytay

I blogged about the Barboza’s Kitchenette in Mahogany Market in 2013. I told Jen that we’ll have to look for Barboza’s kitchenette stall as I wanted to meet the owners who commented and invited me to visit their stall again. Well, that was in 2013, 3 years have passed and the entire Mahogany Market has changed a lot! As we reached the second floor, we easily spotted Barboza’s kitchenette. Unfortunately the owners were not around when we visited Barboza’s.

We ordered bulalo, crispy crablets and crispy shripms.

cheap bulalo in Tagaytay

Bulalo at Barboza’s Kitchenette Mahogany Markot – 350 Php

After 3 years, it was surprising that the price of Bulalo at Barboza’s did not change! At 350 Php, an order of bulalo in Mahogany Market is undoubtedly the cheapest bulalo in Tagaytay!  Since we were only two, we were overwhelmed by the generous serving which is actually good for 6 persons.

Tip: Bulalohans in Mahogany Market Tagaytay do not serve single bulalo meals. So better bring your friends or be overwhelmed with the huge serving of their bulalo.

Crispy Crablets Tagaytay

Crispy Crablets – 200 Php

The crispy crablets was okay and could have been better if they were carefully chosen . There were a couple of crabs on the serving that were no longer “crablets”.

Tip: Expect some sort of odd smell in the area since bulalohans at Mahogany Market are just above the beef market and is nearby the cow slaughter-house. Nonetheless, the smell is tolerable.

Crispy Shrimps at Mahogany

Crispy shrimps – 200 Php

I loved the crispy shrimps! It was perfectly cooked, very tasty and crispy!

Cheap Bulalo… but the rest?

Jen and I did not bother to ask for the prices since we were confident that items on their menu are cheaply priced. The bill surprised us. We felt that the crispy crablets and shrimps were a bit overpriced. Well,  our orders were actually good for 6 persons and we barely consumed everything. If we were six, the 890 bill could have been 149 Php each.

Bulalo – 350 Php
Crispy crablets – 200 Php
Crispy shrimps – 200 Php
2 rice – 40 Php
1.5 litre coke – 100 Php

Total – 890 Php

If you are looking for the cheapest yet delicious bulalo in Tagaytay, I would definitely recommend Mahogany Market! Just make sure to bring your friends or family with you as the servings are generous and the Mahogany Market bulalo experience is better when shared. Visiting Tagaytay? Book your Tagaytay hotel here.


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  1. I’ve been here once last year. Not only did I like the “bulalo,” I also enjoyed the social atmosphere here while eating. All diners are happy.

  2. just gone to tagaytay a week ago. how i wished i read this blog beforehand. i was with my wife and 2 kids and had difficulty roaming around to find a good place to eat with cheaper price.

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