Extraordinarily Beautiful Miagao Church in Iloilo

Simbahan ng Sto. Tomas de Villanueva or popularly known as the Migao Church is one among the four Philippine churches in Baroque Romanesque architecture. Built in 1797, Miagao church was declared as a Philippine national treasure in 1963 and a UNESCO world heritage in 1993.

Located in the municipality of Miagao in Iloilo, the church has become one of Iloilo’s tourist destination. With its jaw dropping and intricately designed facade, Miagao church is truly a work of art!

Miagao church in ililo philippines

The church embodies the mixture of Spanish-Filipino culture. Back in history, Miagao church was built using forced labor. Interestingly enough, the church was built using adobe, lime stones, corals and eggs.

Beautiful church in philippines

Unfortunately, I arrived in Miagao at around 2 PM where the sunlight is almost facing the rear part of the church. The best time to visit Miagao church is during early morning as the color of its facade changes depending on the sunlight.

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Photo with the beautiful Miagao church. Thanks to the self-timer feature of cameras nowadays.lol

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After taking several pictures of Miagao Church’s facade, I tried opening its front and main door to check out its interior. Unfortunately, it was closed. To my dismay, I strolled around the area hoping that i could enter the church. I was very lucky that there was an open door on one side of the church. As I entered, I was greeted by a very welcoming and accommodating man who happens to be the resident guide of Miagao church. He shared a number of facts about the church and the town of Miagao. He was very friendly and accommodating that he even took a photo of me inside the church.

Philippine church interior iloilo

The church’s interior matches its outside beauty. Miagao church’s retablo is  gold plated which compliments the beautiful color of its thick walls.

Miagao church iloilo blogger

Photo with the resident guide

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I should say that the church is well maintained. This is one of the few heritage sites where the original structure is retained and preserved.

How to Get to Miagao church Iloilo

From Iloilo City proper, ride a cab to the town of Molo. From there, take a jeepney to Mohon terminal. From the terminal, ride a jeepney bound to Miagao. Total travel time from Iloilo City to Miagao church is approximately 1 hour.

So far, Miagao church is the most beautiful church I have seen not only in Iloilo but in the entire country.  This extraordinarily beautiful church is a must visit if you are traveling or backpacking to Iloilo.


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