Zoo in Tagaytay: Residence Inn

Tagaytay is undeniably a popular weekend destination due to its accessibility from various cities in Manila. Apart from the cold breeze, posh hotels and mouthwatering foods, Tagaytay also has the Residence Inn zoo that anyone who is going to Tagaytay should visit.

Residence Inn zoo or Zoo at Residence Inn (ZooRI) is Located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, this zoo in Tagaytay is 33.2 Kilometer away from Sta. Rosa exit.

Residence Inn Zoo Tagaytay Map

The fun and adventure in Residence Inn zoo actually starts right outside the zoo itself! Just few steps away from the parking area, activities such as horseback riding, biking and a mini playground welcome visitors.

Horeseback riding – 150.00 Php

Biking – 30 minutes 70.00 Php – 1 hour 100.00 Php

Residence Inn Zoo entrance

Residence Inn Zoo Tagaytay Entrace Fees

Adult – 249.00 Php
Kid 3 ft. to 4 ft. – 199.00 Php
Kid below 3 ft. – Free

First stop in this Tagaytay zoo is the aquarium area. In this room showcases various species of fishes, turtles, snakes, cockroaches, spiders and scorpions.

After visiting the room filled with aquariums, guests are greeted with a huge Phython. Those who dare to have a close encounter with the Phython can have their photo taken with it for only 50 Php.

There is also a mini open air theater which showcases an animal show. Unfortunately, we were unable to catch the show as we arrived in the zoo late in the afternoon.

There is also an area where visitors can  have their photo taken with an Owl, a parrot and a huge Iguana. I was amazed how beautiful the owl is!

If you get hungry, there is the “Gazeebo”- the one and only restaurant inside the zoo and is famous for their Bulalo, Tawilis, and Chili cheese rolls. If you are dining here, make sure to dine in the open air area as you get a good view of mountains and of course the Taal lake and Taal volcano.

If you are up for an adventure, Residence Inn Zoo also has a zipline and cable car for only 150 Php. Having these activities in a zoo really makes Residence Inn unique!

If you do not want an outdoor adventure, alternatively, Residence Inn Zoo has a Mega 5D Rider. For only 95 Php you can enjoy a 5 to 6 minute ride of the film of your choice. I was wondering why the ride is called 5D, nonetheless, the ride was fun!

The main attraction of the zoo are the wild animals such as the Lions and Tigers. I was surprised that there is a number of Tigers in the zoo. Unlike the typical zoo, visitors can actually get close to the cages. It was a mixed emotion to see these beautiful creatures. I felt happy to see how huge and beautiful they are but felt sad to see them in cages. Well, I just feel grateful that they all look healthy and well taken care off. I’ve been to Manila zoo and I should say that animals in Residence Inn Zoo are way healthier that of Manila Zoo.

Other animals in this Tagaytay zoo are camel, horses, monkeys, ostrich and sheeps.

Another fun activity in the Residence Inn zoo is the birds feeding (for only 10.00 Php). You can also have your picture taken with a tiger for 50 Php.

Overall, Residence Inn zoo is a must visit attraction in Tagaytay. It is not your typical zoo as it offers various activities including up close encounters with the animals. And not to mention, all the staffs and zoo keepers are very accommodating and friendly too.  At 249.00 Php, the entrance fee is quite pricey but seeing how clean the entire zoo is and how healthy the animals are, the price is definitely worth it. This zoo in Tagaytay is so far the best zoo I’ve been in the Philippines.