Brasas SM North EDSA, Latin American Streetfood

Located at the 4th floor of The Block, Brasas is one of the newest and one of its kind restaurant in SM North EDSA. Perhaps the first restaurant to offer authentic Latin American cuisine in Manila.  Brasas promises a taste of street food Latin American dining experience.Brasas’ limited real estate is compensated by its unique interior.  High end wooden tables are perfectly positioned giving diners enough space to freely move.  Walls are eye catching.  There is a part in the area where a number of Portuguese and Spanish words are artistically written.  The entire restaurant is also well lighted.

Brasas the block interior

As first time diners in Brasas, I was shocked when there is a sign in the table saying “Please order at the counter.”  We hurriedly went to the counter and one of the waiters handed us the menu.  At the counter, you will see how they prepare these to die for Latin American cuisines.  It amazes me that their chef is a Latina.

Brasas SM North Counter

I ordered Carne Asada Platter, a charcoal grilled sliced beef sirloin with South American slaw, a single Patacones and Yellow Latin rice.  The platter is also served with a Chimichurri sauce.  My friend ordered Pollo Asado Platter, just the same thing with Carna Asada except for the grilled chicken.  It took just about 15 minutes when our orders were served.

brasas rice meal

Carne Asada Platter is priced at 250.00 Php.

I immediately tasted the chargrilled beef the moment the platter was served.  The beef is perfectly cooked, very tender and generously on top of the delicious Latin yellow rice.  Because of its green color, Chimichurri intrigued me.  Well, needless to say, its goes perfectly with the delicous chargrilled beef.  For the side dish, Patacones, a yellow chip made of sliced green plantain serves as the appetizer.  The healthy and fresh Latin slaw is also perfect!

pollo asado brasas

Pollo Asado is priced at 210.00 Php

Latin iced tea brasas

Latin Iced Tea is priced at 80 Php.

I also loved the Latin Iced Tea. I actually had two orders of this.

Since there is a wide array of authentic Latin American food in Brasas Menu, I would definitely come back to try their other dishes. Aside from this, with the price, serving is generous. The ambiance is good, except that I did not hear any music to set the mood of the diners. Customer service is also good. The counter lady and the servers were all accommodating. I would highly recommend Brasas!

Aside from The Block SM North EDSA, Brasas Philippines branches also include SM Aura Premier and The Podium.


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