Bulalo at Mahogany Market Tagaytay

Aside from its cold weather, Tagaytay is also famous for its Bulao – a famous Filipino dish made up of beef shanks and marrow bones boiled with veggies.

If you are looking for an affordable Bulalo experience in Tagaytay, Mahogany Market is the perfect place.  Just across the market offering fresh beef is an array of food stalls offering local delicacies including Filipino’s all time favorite and most favored – Bulalo. 

We arrived at Mahogany Market at around 9:00 PM and since there are approximately a dozen of food stalls, we tried to look around and find the best food stall in the area.  Well, they all look the same and appear to offer exactly the same menu.  The question is which offers the best Bulalo?  There was a vendor who kept on peddling her Espasol when we arrived at Mahogany Market, we asked her and she recommended Barboza’s Kitchenette.

Cheap Bulalo in tagaytay
tagaytay bulalo at mahogany market
350 Php – Special Bulalo at Barboza’s Kitchenette in Mahogany Market, Tagaytay
Serving: 5 in our case lol.. but the serving is generous and it’s actually good for 6 – 8 persons 
Special Bulalo at Leslie’s and Josephine restaurant – Tagaytay’s famous Bulalo houses are priced at P450 up.  Well, that makes Mahogany Market’s Bulalo more affordable.
crispy shrimp filipino dish
We also ordered Crispy fried shrimps.  A perfect combination with Bulalo’s hot and rich flavored soup.  I super loved this dish!
filipino dish caldereta
Pinapaitan – An exotic Filipino dish made up of cow or goat innards.  I never tried this dish since I’m not really a fan of this exotic delicacy.
affordable place to eat in tagaytay city
At 900 Php, we had a sumptuous dinner at Barboza’s Kitchenette, Mahogany Market
1 Special Bulalo
2 Crispy Shrimp 
1 Caldereta
1 Papaitan
12 Rice (We’re only five lol)
1 1.5 Coke
Barboza’s Kitchenette also offers unlimited banana to its diners.


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