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Palawan’s Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center was the first stop of our Puerto Princesa City tour. Founded in 1987, this Puerto Princesa tourist attraction well known for its Crocodile Farm and Nature Park. 

Palawan Wildlife and Conservation Center in Puerto Princesa

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (Crocodile Farm) Location

This interesting tourist spot is located in National Road in Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City and just 30 minutes away from Puerto Princesa city proper.

Crocodile Farm Entrance Fee

Basic Tour (30 mins.)

Child – P 10.00

Adult – P 40.00

Privileged – P 20.00 (senior citizen, disabled, students)

Group Tour – P 20.00 (min. of 20 pax)

Crocodile skin and skeleton welcome guests and visitors at the lobby.
Crocodile skin at the lobby of Crocodile Farm Puerto Princesa
Crocodile skeleton at crocodile farm in Palawan
Crocodile farm tourist guide shares info about the farm. The guests also learned from her that croc skin used in bags and purses are usually that of younger crocs. 
Tour guide at crocodile farm
The tour continues and guests were taken to the “Hatching House” of the farm.
hatching house at crocodile farm
Guests are busy taking pictures of baby crocodiles
tourists strolling and taking pictures at the crocodile farm
Baby crocodiles.. Aren’t they cute?
baby crocs
Hatching house is where baby crocodiles are born, bred and taken care off until they become adults.  I was a bit disappointed that we did not witness live crocodile egg hatching. lol
young crocodiles
The tourist guide advised us not to put our fingers on top of the croc dens.  Even baby crocs can be aggressive and cut one’s fingers off.
After the hatching area, guests were then taken to the adult crocodiles. There’s a metal bridge approximately 20 feet above the  crocodile den.
We crossed the bridge and we were able to check out these huge and scary adult crocodiles
palawan crocodilemore crocodiles
Perhaps the largest crocodile in the farm is “Valentino”, 16 foot and 500 Kilogram a male saltwater crocodile captured on Valentines Day of 2012 in Bataraza, Palawan.
valentino croc in palawan Valentino, a 16 foot crocodile in Palawa, Philippines

 Right after the exciting ‘crossing the bridge with huge crocodiles below’ part of the tour, guests were headed to a photo opportunity with a young crocodile.  There’s a professional photographer and you may have your picture taken and printed for only 150 Php.  Apart from this, you can also have your pic taken with your own camera for free.

Photo taken from my iPhone.  A friend helped me since I couldn’t carry the croc with two hands. I just realized that I was holding the croc on its neck (I’m sorry). 
After the photo op with the croc, guests can freely stroll around the Nature Park.



The shy Palawan Bear Cat.
 Palawan Bear Cat
Crocodile farm and nature park entrance
Palawan Binturong that smells like “Pandan”.  You may also have your picture taken by a photographer with this cute, love, tame friendly Binturong.  Printed photo costs 150 Php.
Palawan Binturong
White Bellied Sea Eagle
White Bellied Sea Eagle
There’s also a mini zoo in the farm but we decided to leave after a short walk since we still have to visit Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill that day.
Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is a must visit!  I super enjoyed seeing crocodiles of all sizes. I loved Palawan Binturong, very friendly and good smelling creature.


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