Bilao at Palayok Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Aside from the breathtaking Underground River, white sand beaches, exciting zip line adventures and friendly locals, Palawan vacation would not be complete without dining in the city’s restaurants.

Bilao at Palayok Seafoods & Native Restaurant is located along Rizal Avenue and just about 5 minutes away from Puerto Princesa Airport.  This Filipino restaurant is one of Puerto Princesa’s finest restaurants. 

Bilao at Palayok Puerto Prinsesa City
A huge “Palayok” or Earthen Pot outside the restaurant. We visited Bilao at Palayok for our first dinner at Puerto Prinsesa.  Since I’m only using my smart phone for photographs, pictures are dull due to lowlight conditions.
Huge Palayok outside the restaurant
Bilao at Palayok’s interior is very native and “Filipino”.  I was impressed and amazed by the overall design and feel of the restaurant. Tables, chairs and even flooring are made up of wood mostly bamboos.  Too bad that we were the last guests that night and lights were dimmed on other areas of the restaurant. 
Short bridge heading to the main dining area of Bilao at Palayok.
At the heart of the restaurant are wooden crafts.  Bilao at Palayok looks like a mini Filipino art gallery to me.  I highly recommend visiting this restaurant during daytime to appreciate the ethnicity and beauty of the area.
We ordered “Bulalo” – kneecap, a famous dish in the Philippines. 
Boodle feast at Bilao at Palayok.  We were all shocked by the generous serving of this group meal for five persons.  Food presentation is perfect!
This group meal we ordered consists of Sisig, boneless Bangus, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na baboy, fried danggit, Adobo, Hipon, Laing  etc.  I should say that their rice is the most tasfeful and delicious rice I’ve ever tasted!
My friend wanted to bring home this water pitcher covered with a woven rattan.hahaha
Bilao at Palayok Puerto Prinsesa Menu

Aside from the menu below, the restaurant also offers sizzling, fish, pork and vegetable dishes ranging from 170 Pesos to 450 Pesos.  Desserts are also available starting at 70 Pesos.


Puerto Princesa’s Bilao at Palayok is a must try to those who will visit the city.  The resto’s interior, ambiance and feel looks expensive but for the delightful and delicious food, Bilao at Palayok dining experience is actually affordable!




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